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Yeelight: The Best Smart LED Bulb | JabarPos Media

Our picks for Smart LED Bulbs:

Light bulbs—even smart ones—should be easy. Just screw a smart LED bulb into a lamp, pair it with a smartphone, and you never have to worry about navigating dark hallways or hunting for a switch. Many even let you adjust the color. We recommend the Yeelight Smart LED Color Bulb because it’s bright enough for everyday use, has fun and useful features, can team up with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, and its price won’t give you sticker shock.


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  1. Looked at the article and the fact that the authors were not able to find from Ikeas home page that Ikeas smart home product line uses Zigbee and is compatible with a bunch of things in the Zigbee ecosystem is not really confidence inspiring. It's literally in the first link returned by a simple Google search.

  2. updates and security
    Something left unaddressed is firmware updates. Will a relatively unestablished company with an inexpensive bulb be able to afford releasing a security update for an 8 year old bulb? LEDs can last for 5+ years easily. A bulb twice the price is worth it if you have to replace it half as often.

    *edit*: this is somewhat addressed in the article, but I think warrants further emphasis.

    Thanks as always for your awesome review content 🙂

  3. I have both the Yeelights and Phillips Hue and the Hue are by far the better smart bulb. The Yeelight app is buggy and poorly translated, third party integration is poor and there are almost no third party apps created for yeelight, such as OnSwitch and iLightShow available for philips. There are tons of third party apps made for hue that are not available for yeelight. Hue also has a greater number of accessories available such as physical light switches and dimmers.

    Yeelight has caused me many problems and will not work well if you have more than one bulb. For example, the lights sometimes do not turn on at the same time and sometimes one doesn't turn on at all, pressing the switch will then flip the light states so you have one bulb on and one off. Resetting the bulb is done by turning it on and off 5 times; however, there is no time limit for this, so if you accidentally turn the bulb off once every day for 5 days, the bulb will reset to factory settings and disconnect from the app. The Yeelight bulbs also connect to your wifi network individually, which is problematic if you plan to have more than one bulb. If you want to replace 8 lights in your house with Yeelights, this will add another 8 devices on your wifi network and cause interference and slowdowns. Each bulb will also need to be reset and connected individually to your wifi network if the connection fails, which it does frequently. Setting up the Yeelights was also difficult, since you need to create an account and individually link each bulb to your wifi network, the bugs in the app does not make this easy.

    The Phillips hue, on the other hand, does not suffer from any of these problems. The hub (called a bridge) plugs directly into an ethernet port and can be hidden pretty easily. Setup is much easier since the bulbs are connected to the hub from the factory, software updates do take a long time though. It uses zigbee to communicate with the hue bulbs which does not interfere with your wifi network and has a much greater range. I believe up to 50 bulbs can be linked to one hub and I have never experienced any problems with controlling the lights through the app or a physical hue switch. The colors and brightness of the Hue and Yeelight seem to be similar from my comparison though. I am not sponsored or paid by phillips, but I believe they make a significantly better product. Hue bulbs can be purchased for cheaper on sites like ebay, I found a set of 4 for less than half the price of retail.

    If you plan to have smart bulbs in your home save yourself the trouble and get a decent product like philips hue. They are expensive, but you are paying for the reliability and simplicity of use. I also thought Hue was too expensive and Yeelights were just fine, but after spending hours messing with Yeelight to get it to work properly I finally gave in and bought Hue bulbs. Do consider other options such as Lifx or the other ones mentioned in the video since I have not tried them.

    I understand how wirecutter arrived at their conclusion since, at first, yeelights seemed perfectly fine and were far cheaper than the competition, but after continued use with several bulbs, you can see why they are priced how they are. Buy nice or buy twice

  4. I bought one of those Merkury bulbs last year that works with everything, is RGB, etc, and it was only about $10 I think (this was on sale though). I've been happy with it.

    The Philips bulbs being $30-50+ is astounding to me. There is nothing they do that is better than the generics.

  5. I've used Cree bulbs for years now, absolutely no problems with Google Home & Smart Things integration and much cheaper. They don't have colour changing but I've not wanted that, yet.

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