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Why Bitcoin's Price Continues to Face Manipulation | JabarPos Update

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Why Bitcoin's Price Continues to Face Manipulation | JabarPos Update

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  1. I've started reading books about market cycles and TA, very interesting stuff and useful.

    It gives me a better look at te market and how to make profit.

    Knowledge is key to understand en make money in this market.

  2. @datadash Thank you kindly for your daily update the information you provided is very helpful for people in this space! Had a meeting with a master of agricultural economics to explain crypto is not only used for human sex trafficking Sunday night, back to working on my immutable technology solution after the Vid ✌️😁

  3. I thought the drop was somewhat expected since it went into overbought range (RSI). It seems that it got support at the 100 SMA. If we continue that support I don't see why we couldn't go back to 4100 range.

  4. Great talk man! enjoy Thailand! I'm currently working for fiat and passively accumulating. say what you will about bears – they makes the prices better 🙂 and in theory I'm pondering about decentralized systems of all sorts – how to implement those in smart power and electricity infrastructure – up until now we're wasting energy to create these – why not bank on the energy sources? enabling a shared decentralized local power grids (no need for nation or worldwide, too hard to track – you'll waste the energy you're making)

  5. I have been saying this for years…..Bitcoin is not as decentralized as many people think……..If bitcoin can be manipulated then it is not "Truly" decentralized……….Bitcoin right now is no better then fiat currency……..With fiat you have government manipulation…..with bitcoin, you have whales manipulating the price…….And to be honest, it's not hard to see where the manipulation is coming from…..You only need to look at Arthur Hayes and bitmex……I'll leave it at that…..

  6. natural selection breeds in fighting …its healthy…tribal politics for the crypto savages..better people confront each other &say their piece ..all expression is nature ..&just remember its a ride.Namaste 1&alll! X

  7. Not "whale" activity and not a real market. This is manipulation (both up and down) via the fractional reserves/derivatives pricing scheme. Look no further than Vincent Viola of Virtu Financial. Pulls all the strings on our tiny cryptos–don't believe me? All you have to do is look at the volumes. When the Central Banks go down, I think we will see the end of the derivatives schemes to finally have fair markets.

  8. I use to think there was price manipulation but when there's a hundred million traders plus trading using the same trend lines and chart data I no longer believe this. We all knew btc would go up to around 4200 to test resistance and once it stalled and didn't break through we all sold off. It's very simple.

  9. Manipulation is for sure. The key point is why they do it. Bitmex is a big hint. They get a lot of BTC (not USD) if they short BTC as low as possible. Also, it is the reason why BTC will rise in future too….

  10. What I don't see, Nicholas, is why or how this would ever end. Why wouldn't these guys just keep laying down these trades perpetually if they can continue to make money in this way…?

  11. What am I doing right now? Simply trading, I like to make 5% on my portfolio everyday…but shoot for 2%. Sometimes I make much more but after 2%, I'm happy. Started at $990 on January 1st. I don't short anything or use leverage. Simply buy bottomed stochastics, oversold RSI, and healthy MacD as long as blue isn't pulling away from orange to much. I play a few swings with Bitcoin. I put very small amounts of capital ($50 or $100) into a list of 800 projects. Going through them looking for great prices. Only for fun, I'm happy to lose it all although that isn't likely. Hoping to hit 1 big one like Verge did in 2017. If you make 2% everyday on your portfolio, you'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams for the rest of your life. Having a blast doing it.

  12. I was attracted to bitcoin for a number of reasons; blockchain technology reminded me of my heady days as an operating systems programmer, bitcoins decentralized, censorship resistant nature appealed to my libertarian instincts, and, finally, I loudly cheered bitcoins potential to empower the billions on our planet who have no access to banks, no way to raise capital.
    But as I learn about the various ways that ‘whales’, for example, manipulate the price and volume of bitcoin transactions, and as I see exchanges adopt many of the methods used by the NASDAQ and other traditional financial institutions, such as automated trading — all of this leads me to feel that the cryptocurrency space is being corrupted by greed and the desire for power.
    Years ago when I read ‘Flash Boys’ by Michel Lewis, about automated financial transactions which yield profits that have no relationship whatsoever to the value of the underlying investments, at that time I hoped and assumed that the cryptosphere would be different, that we’d not be ‘rigged’, that bitcoin was truely peer-to-peer, money by and for the common man.
    We’re no different. No different.

  13. So my question is: When trading on high margin, large exchanges as BitMex take the responsibility of covering the profits. If dumping the market and trading on margin was such a consistent method, wouldn't BitMex stop its margin operations? Why keep on offering a service at a loss? @DataDash

  14. Hey Data Dash, i have an video idea. How about a "Crypto market in retrospective" where you would go trough lets say a year of market and explain why did the things happen that happened. For example april alt cycle, november alt cycle, breach of 6k and souch stuff. I think it would help a lot in understanding how the marker behaves and functions. thanks

  15. 4:17 it's not 1-2 exchanges! What happened in on Feb 24 @ 14:00 UTC was a well coordinated dump which lasted exactly between 14:0014:15 (looking at 3 min chart) across ALL exchanges. Check for yourself: Bitstamp, Bittrex, HitBtc, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Coinbase – ALL of these have the BTC/USD exact same dump within exact same time range. IMO, all dumps/pumps are coordinated. IMO, there is absolutely nothing "organic" in bitcoin. IMO, bears and bulls are the same people, just different days of week.

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