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Why Are We Afraid To Be Single? | JabarPos Media

“Why isn’t the greatest relationship that you can be in, the one you have with yourself?”

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  1. Being more lonely with him than when I was apart-totally relate to that darling. Yes it is v interesting how we can be amazingly good at nurturing other people and forget about ourselves in the process. Well well done for your courage and thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm not afraid, I just want to feel loved. I want that connection with someone. I know it's not going to be all blue skies and butterflies but I don't care. I know I'll never get that, but of course I want that.

  3. I can relate to her so much. I've worked hard in high school and got into college and I'm studying Biology, everything seems to be going well but I never have had a love life. I feel like women especially are so concerned about their love lives is because that is what women are told their importance comes from. No one really cares about how successful a girl is, everyone mostly cares about how attractive and sexy she is and who she is with.

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