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Which Cryptocurrencies I'm Buying! | JabarPos Update

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Which Cryptocurrencies I'm Buying! | JabarPos Update

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  1. Consider Stakenet:

    Stakenet is a platform providing a trustless interchain economy using a Proof of Stake blockchain, with Lightning Network, Masternodes, and DApps such as a Lightning DEX. It is connected to other blockchains through Lightning Network, and strives to provide a highly secure cross-chain platform for cryptocurrencies where individuals can easily operate with any blockchain simply by using XSN; while also allowing the ability to build code-agnostic DApps on top of it. All of which will be powered by XSN Masternodes whom earn and collect fees for the services they provide.

    Stakenet allows easy and secure staking of its currency XSN by using our invention Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS), effectively achieving decentralized cold staking; this provides one of the highest levels of security among any PoS blockchain. TPoS allows users to cold stake their coins via smart contracts, which means you can stake your XSN from your cold wallet, removing any unnecessary security risk. With a combination of TPoS, the Lightning Network, and Cross-Chain Proof of Stake, you will be able to stake XSN from your own hardware wallet (or any other wallet) and receive rewards directly to it in other currencies, like Bitcoin.

  2. PundiX and Neo…Real business'ssss don't hold any ATM but those two + ADA, Monero, dare I say it XRP and a little ELA when we go sub $100B I will Hodl'en on to tight….probably for another two years or when I next get emotional and panic sell right before FOMO'in back in to help compond those sweet sweet loss's

  3. You don’t even know what you’re buying mate. These aren’t investment grade assets. Just speculative tokens.

    Look at security tokens like @nashsocial $nex which has a business mode and provides holders with a proportion share of revenue.

  4. can you show us or tell us a little bit more how do you do your trades. Binance? do you purchase btc and then convert to other coins or just but btc into binance and then open the trades?

  5. Bought some Neo and did some trading with Enjin, you can ofcourse also join SCT, anonymous POS-coin, they are implementing Synchropay a payment ecosystem aiming global, q2 2019, for now weekly airdrops continue for 20 weeks. Safe bet, Synchrotron, have a look on Discord https://discord.gg/MWJePhP that said, another cool vid!

  6. Please tell us what do you think about electroneum??? Please answer us your opinion is important for a lot of people and that coin has one of the huge community and great plans also a lot of stuff

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