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What’s Happening with Crypto?!? Market Analyst Mati Greenspan 〽️Bitcoin Cryptocurrency | JabarPos Update

What’s Happening with Crypto?!? Market Analyst Mati Greenspan 〽️Bitcoin Cryptocurrency – Welcome to the Jabar Pos. Here we provide a variety of information about technology, internet, health etc. The hope, of course, hopefully this information can provide knowledge for you. The key to understanding this article is in category What’s Happening with Crypto?!? Market Analyst Mati Greenspan 〽️Bitcoin Cryptocurrency | JabarPos Update

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What’s Happening with Crypto?!? Market Analyst Mati Greenspan 〽️Bitcoin Cryptocurrency | JabarPos Update

Senior Market Analyst of eToro Mati Greenspan stops by the channel to discuss his take on #bitcoin and the current markets, fundamentals vs technicals, and other useful indicators. He also reveals his personal portfolio!

1:47 What attracted you to cryptocurrency?
3:56 How is the bear marker different this time?
7:37 Does traditional analysis work with crypto?
9:17 Market analysis (moving averages, FOMO, volume)
19:39 Mati Greenspan’s Portfolio
21:50 Do fundamentals matter? (Bitcoin halving)
23:57 What is the best strategy for an average investor?
26:45 Thoughts on altcoins and ICOs
33:20 Real word adoption vs speculation vs necessity
35:30 Bitcoin vs the stock market (comparing charts)

Bartdanov: https://redd.it/auai90

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Bitcoin Manipulation or Just Another Day in Crypto? Goldman Sachs: Crypto Part of Bank of the Future

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  2. Great info about not putting too much of your portfolio in Crypto, or any one asset. If the project I am invested in hits the market in June and does well I will be retired, but if it goes to zero I will still be fine. Crypto is high risk and no one should be counting on it alone for their future. I tell everyone who will listen to buy some crypto because I believe it will go to the moon. I also believed the Amiga computer would make all other computers obsolete.

  3. Great interview man, well done. Fantastic look & insight from 1 of the top professionals in the game balancing on that Fiat/Crypto fence. Should try get a few more interviews with some of the dudes in that field, fair play bro. Great job!

  4. About time you done a review on Nash/NEx exhange, finally launching end
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  5. Great video. I listen to you at work and it helps me keep track of what happen in the space. So good job, your work is appreciated. If you could become a Cardano fan, it would be awesome. Look at Crypto Daily !!

  6. Great interview K-Dub. Mati seems like a very interesting guy. More content like this with experienced traders would be great!! I liked how you guys touched on tokens that need real utility. I have been saying this for years!!! That is why the only two alts I hold are DGTX & NEX(Nash) apart from those two its BTC only for the time being.

  7. Really excellent guest and fascinating interview K-dub. eToro was actually my entry point into Crypto in October 2017. I took a lot from it but the biggest takeaway was the Litecoin halving which has been so underpublicised on my news sources. The last was apparently August 2015, take a look at the price action back then in what was perhaps an identical state of the market. We has been in a bear market for over a year and were moving sideways but Litecoin pumped from $1.45 in April to more than $5 in mid July before settling down around $3 and starting a steady upward trend. Bitcoin followed soon after in line with the Bitcoin halving. I'm buying Litecoin over the coming weeks and I've been out and short term bearish for about 6 months now.

  8. Bitcoin is a gift from the heaven, I am so happy that I know Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies despite of losing some money in 2018 the future is very bright mass adoptions and bull runs are imminent Bitcoin to the moon and behind

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