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Ultimate Intelligence + Memory + Learning Skills – Gentle Rain Sounds – Welcome to the Jabar Pos. Here we provide a variety of information about technology, internet, health etc. The hope, of course, hopefully this information can provide knowledge for you. The key to understanding this article is in category Ultimate Intelligence + Memory + Learning Skills – Gentle Rain Sounds | JabarPos Media

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Ultimate Intelligence + Memory + Learning Skills – Gentle Rain Sounds | JabarPos Media

This Powerful and Frequency-free Formula will help you to:

– Have incredible intelligence and spectacular memory
– Be able to focus and concentrate with infinite ease
– Always have a clear, sharp mind and a genius-level intellect
– Understand and remember everything you read, hear or see
– Develop and manifest peak human intelligence
– Manifest intuitive aptitude and hyper intuition
– Develop and manifest hyper-accelerated thought process
– Effortlessly compute complex calculations with your mind
– Have incredible levels of creativity and originality
– Be able to perfectly recall any moment of your life
– Develop and manifest enhanced reading skills
– Have a perfect flawless photographic and audiographic memory
– Have the ability to learn and understand anything almost instantly
– Permanently enhance your reasoning skills and learning capacity
– Immediately develop and manifest encyclopedic knowledge
– Have numerical precision, pattern sense and apophenia
– Rapidly develop and manifest accelerated probability
– Quickly develop and manifest causality perception
– Understand everything on a deep philosophical level
– Be able to constantly learn through claircognizance
– Easily compute infinite calculations simultaneously
– Quickly develop and manifest infinite creativity
– Rapidly develop and manifest enhanced wisdom
– Instantly know what information is true and correct
– Have intuitive pre-cognition and reality perception
– Have parallel processing and photographic deduction
– Manifest scientific perception and scientific prowess
– Easily master an unlimited amount of skills and abilities
– Always apply anything you learn in the most optimal way
– Be able to learn anything and fully understand it within seconds
– Easily remember and store vast amounts of information and knowledge
– Be able to store unlimited information and knowledge in your mind
– Have an excellent memory for academic and personal information.
– Easily come up with original and unique ideas that have never existed before
– Significantly raise your IQ and use your brain more efficiently than ever before
– Live your life in epic pursuit of knowledge understanding and wisdom
– Be able to listen to multiple conversations at once and retain all the important key information
– Be able to absorb all the wisdom, knowledge and information from a book within a few hours by sleeping with it under your pillow
– Have an enhanced and permanent ability to reach your subconscious
– Be kind, loyal, grateful, happy, wise, loving, caring and successful
– Always be safe and protected by the loving energy of the Universe
– Get super-fast, permanent and optimal brain enhancement

For best results listen at a low comfortable volume, at least 2 to 6 times a day. You should see first results in 2 – 6 weeks when used daily. Please, make sure to drink lots of pure water to maximize the results! No headphones needed, but can be used for even faster results. Unisex

You can multi-task doing light activities or listen to other music while listening to this, just make sure you can hear this audio well enough before playing your music 🙂

You can loop this video overnight for ultra fast results!

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  1. Hi Lucy, please do a subliminal for success in stock market. And thank you so much for eye vision subliminal, my eye vision is gradually increasing. Again thank you Lucy. Thank you universe .

  2. Can you please make a subliminal for healing disordered eating (healthy relationship with food) and reducing appetite (or have a normal appetite)? I really need it..

    My extra weight is affecting my body image so much and it hurts 😭

  3. I really need this so bad thank you so much for creating it.

    I have been struggling past few years with stress from work causing confidence issues and lack of performance brain seems overwhelmed from daily life I will update weekly my progress.

    I am also using the mitochondria regeneration with this as well.

  4. Lucy, you are a genius, I am in awe, I really like this sub and I already got some results. May God bless you always, I am so grateful that you make this many wonderful subliminals for us and love your site, I actually will make a donation. I think it is about time, as I am listening for free for a while. We love you Lucy! Happy Easter Hollydays!

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