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Ticking meme (Aini's backstory) part 1 | JabarPos Update

Sorry that this is so lazy QwQ hehe, but anyway can u give me any meme ideas for the next part? If you have one comment down below :3

Backstory explanation:
So after she was born her mom named her Crystal, Claire was so happy to have a child, but David never wanted one, as soon as she grow up she always got abused by her dad.
One day when her mom brought her (crystal) to the supermarket, she saw a boy from the street and decided to help him, crystal asked her mother is he could stay with us, and Claire said “it ok, he can stay with us” when they got back home, David found out he’s staying and he was very angry.
A few years later she(crystal) was so hurt after many furries bullied her claiming that she’s a clown, levity loves Adrien and she tries to get rid of her, and her father abusing her. She felt heartbroken as her hair is fading away slowly to white. Adrien was always by her side. But then, crystal had enough…. She wanted to hang herself, so she wrote a goodbye letter to Adrien, but then he was panicking and ran as fast as he could to Claire. He told her everything, and Claire also ran as fast as she could to her room, she opened the door and cut the rope, she then put crystal to bed and cried so much. After a few hours crystal woke up, but she doesn’t know who who she is anymore. she ran away. She found a portal to the human world and went there and found John. John welcome her to that place, and since she doesn’t know who she is, John called her Aini. When Claire enter the room she was shock. Adrien came and said “I will find her” then he also found that portal, and went there. So he found her in the city and ran to her and hug her, then Aini asked”who are you?”. Adrien was shocked to hear that.

The end, for this part 🙂


OC used:
Claire (blue fox with yellow dress/crystal(Aini) mom)
Jessica (yellow rabbit who bullies)
Lary (green fox who bullies too)
Adrien (blue fox with blue jacket / Crystal’s girlfriend)
David(blue fox with white shirt/Crystal’s Dad)
John Timothy (teenage boy who helps the crystal/Aini)
Crystal/Aini (crystal is the blue haired one, and Aini’s is the white haired one

Thanks for watching ^^

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