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This is what it’s like to work in Japan// Girl Abroad Ep. 1 | JabarPos Update

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This is what it’s like to work in Japan// Girl Abroad Ep. 1 | JabarPos Update

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This is episode 1 of Girl Abroad. Sorry it’s not an original title but it’s the only thing that sounds right for this series. I want to do more vlogs and conquer my fears of vlogging alone. I am alone most of the time and my friends are not always matching up with my schedule but I love watching people and their lives while they’re by themselves because it makes me feel ok to be by myself. I want to get healthier, practice self-love, and travel alone more often in these videos. But I want to introduce you to people that aren’t Youtubers. So I hope you’ll enjoy this series and if they do well I will keep it up!

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Hi! My name is Kelly and I am an English teacher living in Japan! I studied Japanese and education at Michigan State University with a minor in TESOL so I am living the dream!
I`m also a singer/songwriter and love to travel and eat lots of yummy food around the world!
I post videos about lifestyle, health, and travel.
l please don’t be afraid to comment on what I can improve on as well as on any travel tips you have or cool places to visit!


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  1. So how much can you make? I have a 4 yr. business degree (BBA) from the US, but no experience, other than speaking English my whole life of course! Can you try it on a casual or PT basis, sort of network, then return?

  2. You're so cute and competent and self sufficient. I got the feeling that your life in Japan is a little sad at the moment. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not, I hope you find some fun people to take you out of your routine.

  3. I love your channel alot this vlog is what I’ve been looking for it’s so chill and to be able to see a regular day in japan is nice since I’m studying to be a teacher and wanting to work abroad 💕

  4. I just love this vlog! This is so fascinating. I also love your personality. You are so sweet and real. Glad I found your channel. I subbed for more vlogs!! I lived in Honolulu which was very different but not as different as Japan! Great job! Sharon.

  5. Miss Kelly,  I have some Japanese friends. I find it very difficult to teach them English, because they are not used to pronunciation of "r" and they have great difficulty in understanding the grammatical structure of English (in Japanese, subject + は + object + を + verb ; totally different from English structure) !!!! (I am a HK person). But their memory is good and their dilligence beggars description & imagination .

  6. life sometimes unfair but that's how it is…you have to be strong for yourself especially if ur alone i suggest if you want to cry go ahead otherwise life will eat you alive.

  7. I've found living and working in Japan the same as living and working anywhere else. Hours are longer here I guess. If you're craving expat company, they have meetups. As long as you have a hobby and don't mind sideways glances, you'll be fine. Been here 6 years now.

  8. I am Japanese and we should give these foreignes more oppotunity to get several jobs not only english teachers.
    because Japan no longer survive by only Japanese people.population decrease.

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