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The Wonderful World of Korean Food | JabarPos Media

The Wonderful World of Korean Food | JabarPos Media/a> – This time JabarPos.Net will discuss about Korea and all the things about korean food.

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The Wonderful World of Korean Food | JabarPos Media

The Wonderful World of Korean Food

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  1. attention to all viewers, this vedio is highly exaggerated, and only experts of korean food can make those dishes. so don't just go to any crappy korean restaurants cuz they suck, and i know it, cuz i'm korean

  2. is so obvious your so fucking closeminded because that was a 150 years ago, and theres so many other people that are racist like white people, if anything koreans are one of the least racist people in the world. and korean food is totally different from chinese or japanese their techiniques are different the flavors are different obviously you dont know that cause your not korean you fucking ignorant piece of shit,.

  3. obviously you dont work at korean immigration and obviously you can make all these assumptions and you have all these "connections" to dark skinned people and system to immgration. unless you have gone to korea your self and experianced it you dont have the right to talk shit HAHA. yeah LOL. looks whos laughing now bitch,.

  4. if they are so fucking clueless and bad at their job why dont you just not watch videos about korea huh instead of leaving your stupid racist comments. your not korean and hahaha im not even born in korea but yell ya were proud to be korean. if you think were so HYPER racist what about the white people in southern us i dont see korea having some fucking cult killing black people. your over exaggerating everything in so many ways and korea itself has grown so much on its own in just 50 years.

  5. what the fuck you said korea doesnt have cuisine your the one whos changing what your saying that and HAHAH fuck. if you dont know how to say korean you shouldnt speak at all stupid ass its pronounced BABO this shows how fucking uneducated you are about korea you dont know any shit about korea your obivously just another one of the those jealous shit heads wow.

  6. if you think koreas so fucking racist than prove it have you seen real examples of it live.? huh can you prove theres some cult trying to kill anybody in korea if you havent been in the " news " with korea obviously within the past several years koreas been embracing different cultures. fuck obviously your not asian your probably some crazy person obssesed with korea who feels the need to bring down some other country cuz your embaressed of your own racist country shit head.

  7. if korean people even know how to say that…. its really hard to believe you because korean people would not do that infact korean people enjoy meeting new people of race and interested rather then just swearing at them. and if the did swear at you it would be in fucking korean you liar. when you cant fucking hear it. and do you know what i can totally deny it because i doubt anyone would do that you stupid liar.

  8. Actually its kinda true, they are a little racist.Really no offense.I am not trying to stir things up or anything.I am not even siding whoever here.You see, in the kpop music industry there are people,even those who are korean and live in the US, they got looked down by the netizens.Netizens will criticize them for speaking bad korean and get dissed ,looked down by them.one small little mistake,they will make harsh comments on those celebrities who grew up in the US and is a korean.

  9. any korean idol who talks shit about their own country would get in trouble of course netizens over exaggereated everything and if you are talking about jaebeom from 2pm. i know that was wrong but that was not korea as a whole there was more koreans who were against him leaving at first.

  10. yea I do agree with jacob7207 they always stick to their own kind, even my korean friend said it that korea has like the least diversity amongs the Asian countries, they always act like they are above all the other asians, when they are alone in other asian groups, everyone else would accept them and make them feel in the crowd, but when others are alone in a korean group…they don't care…they just goes on and on with their clique in their own language, thinking no one understands them

  11. you obviously you have no life because you try to prove stuff that isnt true. korea has grown over so many years and they embrace people even black people and their music in the hip hop scene. i cant speak for every korean but i can speak for a majority of non racist koreans..

  12. no…. wondergirls are doing fine in the united states. nickhun from 2pm isnt even korean nor can he speak it well… taecyeon was born in the states as well.. but everyone embraces them.

  13. if you really think koreas so racist dont go there okay? a majority of white people are english teachers and they are more than welcomed in korea so i really dont understand why you think koreas so racist.

  14. actually i know alot of white people who are teachers and they are people who get paid most at the school… obviously you arent korean so you dont know what the situation is in most places sooo you really shouldnt think that you were seated last or refused things on the menu because it probably is too spicy for you.

  15. hahaha lol i bet i can. obviously you take things way to seriously and over think it. all their doing is advising you shouldnt eat certain foods and i bet mexicans would warn koreans before eat those peppers obviously you want to prove a pointless point. koreans and white people have different cultural behavior and what you think is being rude, is what koreans think are doing to help you.

    im done wasting my time here soo you can go ahead living such a close minded life.

  16. Actually most of America's "racism" is due to the sheer number race on race encounters in our diverse country. In Korea it is the result of a "Korean pride" and their long Homogeneous country. Also they have a long history of being oppressed by others, so they are especially tight knit. There's no use denying they have racism issues. Not a reason to hate them, it's just something they need to work on.

  17. @WajinNip All I know, ancient Koreans colonized early Japan. Japan never colonized Korea, they annexed Korean Kingdom in 1910 and ruled until 1945, that's not colonization. Nippon, that "pon" or "bon" is Korean pronunciation for "root", It was Korean who gave name "Nippon" not Japanis themselves. Japan used tobe called Wa or Wa tribes. They're colonized by Koreans.

  18. @cmonutube
    I agree with you. The scriptwriter and the voice actor clearly did not coordinate. An epic movie trailer voice should not being saying bibimbap "is fun to mix and tastes amazing"

  19. @amIn00b what the hell are you talking about??? kimchi is a traditional food that ppl ate for ages. the red hot pepper was introduced into Korea after the war. get your fact straight.

  20. @audgeyp i think that they're almost the same, but the actual videos made to make fun of koreans and diss their culture predominates over the opposite.

  21. @audgeyp thank you.. I know that only a certain number of people do that. I just wish that koreans or japanese drag their hatred out of the international website you know and stop writing all their crap in english. I don't mind them fighting over historical issues, but not on which culture is good or bad

  22. @audgeyp – You practically live where? Youtube? Anyway, in my opinion, Koreans don't troll for Japanese related videos. BUT, Japanese troll for Korean related videos. So your 2 to 1 theory applies because Koreans WILL defend themselves against Japanese. So if 1 Japanese takes a shit on a Korean video, more than 2-3 will reply.
    Is this your "outweigh" theory? It's all about predators and low-lives.
    Koreans don't go out of their way to find Japanese videos.

  23. Wow, so much nonsense for a korean food video. Guys, shut the f*ck up and appreciate the korean food, which is amazingly good by the way, whether you like the politics of the country or not.

  24. @iluvburny

    Please don't be interested in Korea, or Korean stuffs like this Korean vedio.

    We Koreans aren't interested in Japan. Because we don't want to fight against Japan..

  25. South Korea says it will increase inspections targeting capsules containing powdered human baby flesh.
    The Korea Customs Service said it had found almost 17,500 of the capsules being smuggled into the country from China since August 2011.
    The powdered flesh, which officials said came from dead babies and foetuses, is reportedly thought by some to cure disease and boost stamina.

    BBC 7 May 2012

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