The Almost Perfect Laptop – HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible AMD Ryzen Review | JabarPos Media

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Judul : The Almost Perfect Laptop – HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible AMD Ryzen Review | JabarPos Media
Link: The Almost Perfect Laptop – HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible AMD Ryzen Review | JabarPos Media

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The Almost Perfect Laptop – HP Envy 13 x360 Convertible AMD Ryzen Review | JabarPos Media

The #HP #ENVY13 x360 Convertible in my words is the almost perfect 13.3″ ultrabook. It has a fantastic speaker, IPS display, touchscreen support, and also a convertible. What could possibly go wrong? Let’s find out.

#AMDRyzen 5 2500U Quad-core processor
AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
13.3 FHD IPS Display (Corning Gorilla Glass)
14.9mm thin, 1.27kg
256GB SSD Storage
Bang & Olufsen Quad speakers
IR camera security login
Touchscreen & Pen support
Convertible – laptop, tent, tablet, stand mode
Color: Dark Ash Silver




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  1. Hi I would like to ask you regarding the noisy fan and over heating issues of the HP Envy x360 ryzen do these issues can be solved or you already have to deal with it for good? Thank you!

  2. Nice review! I have the exact same model.
    Last week I updated my laptop to the latest windows and found that my IR Windows Hello is not working as smoothly as it used to be. Did you experience any problems signing in with Windows Hello?

  3. I just bought hp envy x360 Ryzen 7. Before i buy it, i have read many reviews about the issues that may have. ( thermal issues, battery, sound etc).
    When i open the laptop it was having those issues from the first minute. After that i follow all the steps of updating the software.
    I have download also the coolsense program, which fix the problem with the thermal. Also when i have update the realtek software i have fix also the issue of the speakers. Now my pc works perfectly fine. You just need to follow some steps of upgrading the software.

  4. That is strange. I have the 15inch version Ryzen 5 and I get about 5-6 hours of battery with just browsing and typing. No noise and heat issues either unless of course in gaming which I rarely do. Supposedly the 13inch is better than the 15inch according to some reviews. Some say the Fan profiles on the HP Command center app will help with the noise/heat/battery.

  5. The only reason, why I didn't buy this, is the power plug. WHY?! Why didn't they go with USB C Power Delivery? Instead of the barrel jack, put another USB C. One on each side, so I can plug the power adaptor in on each side.

  6. i cant recommend Hp . i bought a spectre x360 after half a year the display has fallen off because of the heating the clue which holds the display melted.. cant be real for a 2000€ Laptop

  7. Hi bro.l'm joy from India . I want to buy this laptop so pls. Tell that where did you brought this laptop. You reply me,I'm waiting for your reply. It's argent.!!!!💻🖥️

  8. this exact model is in harveynorman sunway pyramid when i touch it, its burning hot on the left and the entire bottom part but its not running anything. Its like the battery and processor gonna explode very soon or something lmao.

  9. I have one of these. Updating the BIOS seemed to fix the issue with the fan running all the time. Also, I had wifi issues, where speed would fluctuate and eventually totally drop and disconnect, which was most noticeable when streaming live video. I thought it was just bad luck with the specific laptop so requested a replacement. The replacement had the same issue, then I noticed that during a driver update, using HP assistant, an application called HP connection manager (or something along those lines) was installed. I uninstalled that software and now the wifi is working fine. Nice laptop for travel but it's let down a little by having just 8GB of memory, 2 of which is taken by the GPU. Other than the initial issues and RAM I am happy enough and glad I bought it.

  10. I too had the fan running all the time problem. I ended up updating the bios, updating the drivers but what help me the most is a program called NoteBook FanControl that I use to manually control the fan noise, and it automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature. The HP command centre app also changes settings which suit the settings needed.

  11. Cant you some how deal for me a 360 hp device with 4.or more gb grapiccard and with touchscreen and pen ?? I have a lit of contact posibilities but im not beneficiate from no where 🙂 i just have a phone and my parents are sustaining me for dental isues temporary plus i have a 13yold brother 🙂

  12. I had some of the same issues and I fixed a lot of them myself on my 15" model with Ryzen 7.

    1. To fix overheating issues, I opened the machine and changed the thermal compound on the CPU. This helped A LOT.
    2. Fan noise is the easiest thing to fix. Open HP Command Center. I switched my thermal profile to silent and I've had zero problems with heat or with noise and I feel like I haven't made any real performance sacrifices with compound upgrade. For reference, I do a lot of programming alongside MS Word and web browsing and watching videos. HP Command Center has this feature called Cool Sense or something like that, it makes the fans ramp up super aggressively, which is the culprit here.
    3. I also had problems with wifi when I first got it but it seems to have just kinda fixed itself. The performance is completely adequate for me now, though not quite on par with my girlfriend's XPS 15. Keep on top of updates.
    4. Plugging headphones into the headphone jack results in videos starting with no sound for a couple of seconds. I was able to get around this by installing generic Windows drivers through the troubleshooting menu, but after some time with the driver, a slight static has occurred. Other people online don't seem to have this static issue so YMMV. I just use bluetooth headphones with no problems.
    5. I'm stumped on battery life. I get maybe 4ish hours. I've disabled touch functionality when I'm not going to use the touchscreen but I think its difference is super marginal. This is the biggest letdown of the device, especially at 15". Coupled with the fact that I can't charge the laptop over the USB-C port, I'm stuck having to be near an outlet during long work days at a coffee shop or library. If I could charge over USB-C, I would forgive the battery, since I could just use my power bank. I would like to have seen a 72 wH battery instead of 53. Your best bet is just to change the power plan to balanced or something that favors battery life over performance. You can also keep the screen at about half brightness, which is fine in most indoor spaces for me. But the screen is not especially bright at maximum, so really bright rooms or outdoors basically require full brightness to make the glossy screen more readable.

    Anyway, hope this helps anyone suffering from these issues. I really love this laptop outside of the battery life (which isn't awful, just disappointing). With a little tweaking, I think it's the best bang for your buck out there right now, all in a super sleek, premium looking and feeling package. For additional tweaks if you want, the RAM is upgradable (I upped mine to 16 GB) and there's a 2.5" drive bay. I took the HDD out and swapped it with an SSD, giving me the 256 GB NVME storage that came with it and 500 GB SATA SSD.

  13. Nice VDO, I looking for new laptop and i cann't select out of YOGA 530 14" and ENVY x360 13".
    For ENVY Pos : it's very looking good design, nice speakers and more thin and lightweight.
    Neg : As most review , fan noisy, Battery, Upgradable Ram, Intigrated GPU,What's about Temperature?
    For YOGA Pos : it have intel+nvidia gpu option, upgradable RAM, (Bigger form factor so better heat transfer?),
    Neg : More wieght!! , speaker, design
    Any suggestion to me or more issue review? reply me thanks

  14. I also have this laptop and the portability, screen, keyboard is really nice. I also had issues with my wifi card and it took me over a week to change the settings until I got it to work consistently. I also upgraded the SSD to a 1TB which is great. I also like that you have the option to charge via the usb-c connection as a backup. My complaints are: 1) fan noise is horrible. 2) The rubber strip on the bottom easily comes off. Sluggish for photo and video editing.

  15. I nearly plonked down rm3700 for this exact laptop 3 months ago. Fortunately I gave myself a cooling off period and went back home to read reviews.

    Holding off the purchase until they fix the laptop. Maybe wait for the next gen ryzen5. Unacceptable for HP to even release this laptop for sale. 3hr battery life is horrible.

    Gorgeous laptop, majorly flawed.

  16. i have the 13 model i accidentally forgot to remove the charger plug when closing the lid it was near the speaker now glass screen is cracked and the top part is touch is unresponsive is not seen but it made me hate hp

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