Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gang rapes | JabarPos Update

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Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying ‘enough’, to immigrants, no-go zones, sharia law & gang rapes | JabarPos Update

At the height of the immigrant influx into Europe in 2014 and 2015, Sweden with a population of 6.7 million, accepted 244,178 asylum seekers – by far, the highest rate per capita in the EU. Since then the rate of violent crime has soared, particularly sexual assault cases.

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The Swedish police have outlined over 50 areas with high immigrant populations that are “marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity.” Of these, 23 have been classified as “especially vulnerable,” or what migration critics call “no-go zones,” where even the police have trouble operating.

Besides the high incidence of gang violence and drug trafficking, residents complain these areas are being virtually colonised by immigrants whose cultures clash with Swedish values. Many Swedes and older immigrants alike have begun to say that Sweden doesn’t feel like Sweden anymore.

Critics of the government’s liberal immigration policies complain the police are afraid to intervene for fear of being accused of racial profiling, while the country’s politically correct press generally brands anyone raising concerns about immigrants as racist.

But now, some people fed up with what they see as the authorities’ inaction have taken matters into their own hands. They have begun to organise groups calling themselves names like ‘The Soldiers of Odin’ to patrol the country’s most blighted neighbourhoods. They are sometimes called vigilantes or racists, but the groups say they want the freedom to live in their own country as it was before the migrant crisis began.

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  1. Why the fuck is Europe so weak that it can't defend it's own territory to a petty minority community?.
    Just imagine the situation when this fucking minority will grow large….
    They are gonna destroy the Europe and turn it into Islamic caliphate…….
    It is really tragic …..

  2. Politicians are assholes for letting this happen. They should enforce the countries rules to all people in it, refuges or not. Follow the rules or back to your country. Sure there are good refuges but being very strict on refuges would be safe for the country and to weed out the bad ones before letting refuges into society. If refuges don't like it, they can always go back to where they "like".

  3. muslims are vile pigs, they think pulling a gun is ok, just to steal a cake from a shop.

    A muslim points a gun at you, the police do nothing. but you were to make a racist remark at the person holding the gun, 10 police would immediately turn up and put you in prison and you lose your job,…… because it was YOU that had committed a hate crime. Even though the other person still had the gun. Something needs to be done to restore this imbalance and to protect the good , honest hard working people of Sweden.
    I just do not see people for any other religions behaving this badly.
    maybe they can sacrifice a goat in my honour, seriously anyone that thinks it is ok to kill an animal as part of their everyday faith is a sick freak. This is 2019 ad not 2019 bc

  4. send them back, kick them out. those you pitty will be your enemies someday and they will destroy you. they are nice for a while pretending to get sympathy, later they will start destroying you. And they will build mosque, and sell on the streets, and make your place shit holes. They will take over the government, when one muslim gets on the seat it keeps growing, they will start to take the whole country. Th muslims will have power in gov so kick them out before it happens, and they also keep recruiting and convincing christians to convert. and they will breed so fast and they will also petitiona nd get more muslims family bring them in your country non stop. and soon your race will be wiped out. You let the devil in you will be destroyed.

  5. Defending women from other 'men' is the is the sacred duty of all men.

    Set up stings with woman then when they attempt to assault jump them, if they are armed kill them in self defense.

  6. I love Somalis. I know so many of them and they are so fucking smart and strong minded. It doesn't surprise me that a Somali woman is standing up for Swedes. I know there are tons of Somalis committing atrocities in Europe and it shocks me based on the Somalis I know, but I'm telling you, they are a people of extremes. Extreme good and extreme evil. Extreme genius and extreme stupidity.

  7. Sweden is a fucking idiot to allow Muslims in who are obviously going to follow their cancerous Islam, why don't you just stick to getting in SIkhs, Hindus and Buddhists from india china and japan ? You are fucking idiots ong not even a single Muslim will ever say ok my religion and it's principles are jus dumb, they'll plague your society real bad.

  8. Is very simple if they was not muslims no one will complain even people will pitty them . If they was chinease refugees for example people will be kind and supportive

  9. Listen to me real tight all you muslim ladies and gentlemen, your religion of "peace" has created a LIVING HAVOC throughout the world in muslim as well as non muslim countries.

    Allow me to explain you with some easy bullet points:

    If at all a country dares to let you live in their country, gives you equal rights, space, education, healthcare services which is non existent in your beloved mohammad countries,


    -You royally f=ck these countries. How?

    -Gives no contribution to country's economy, are freeloaders living on tax payers money.

    -You breed like pigs. Stay close to each other in locality

    -Build mosque asap because they are tolerant and they let you do it then you play blaringly loud music at odd hours.

    -Indulge in petty crimes, create nuisance for original inhabitants who are forced to sell land and go some place else.

    THATS HOW YOU CREATE NO GO ZONES in that country.

    Inside mosque -engage in extremism, create grooming gangs through your so called "madarrasas"

    -they give radical speeches against non followers of Islam and tag them as subhuman "kafirs"

    – Insinuate people to try to impose their values on others.

    -After every friday they come out start protest and throw stones.

    -THEN YOU HAVE MOTHERFU=KING GIGANTIC BALLS TO DEMAND SHARIA LAWS for a country which has essentially and historically been a culturally different society then yours

    -engage in love jihad

    -cant tolerate a woman's freedom, choice of clothing, speech, profession,

    – rape women and children of that country bcs as per their dumbfuck evil book no burqa= prostitute or women & children, mind you, "inviting rape"


    -you can beat your wife with a stick, if she "disobeys you",

    -Indirect/direct oppression of women, encouraging them to dress "modestly" a.k.a hijab and burqa and what not and then you say "oh no, the women have chosen to dress like that themselves", yeah sure f=ck my royal arse.

    -women's opinion is half the worth of a man's opinion.


    -give BIRTH to THOUSAND babies

    -calling use of CONTRACEPTIVES as "haram"

    -how muslim women have practically no say in their own life

    -CHILD MARRIAGE, yada, yada, yada.

    Man "hadeeth" is a topic for itself, i can practically write a thesis on everything wrong with it, but lets just keep that for some other time, SHALL WE?

    So, if your efforts fails, what do you do again?


    1. Isis

    2. Al Qaeda

    3. Taliban

    4. Hamas

    5. Hizbul Mujahideen

    6. Boko Haram

    7. Al Nusra

    8. Abu Sawf

    9. Al Badar

    10. Muslim Brotherhood

    11. Tiayba in Lashkar

    12. Palestine Liberation Front

    13. Hezbollah

    14. Jamaat-e-Islamia

    15. Abdulla Azam Brigade , etc etc, folks thats all i could find right now

    B. BLOWS UP THE VERY SAME COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE WITH BOMBS, GUNS, KNIFE ATTACKS, who "out of much needed humanity" and "under the force of human right activiSts and dogs" l might add, dared to give you space in their country.

    C.If that country takes action against them, so called "URBAN PEACEFUL MUSLIM POPULATION" butt rape the country with the democratic rights given to them by staging protest and claiming their innocence and posing as left intellectual talking about need of multiculturalism, saying that people misunderstand islam, only the minority of muslims engage in acts of violence and majority are peaceful, bla bla bla.

    Tell you what honey, your minority population of extremists are enough to create another big bang in this world.

    It only took 19 muslims to kill 3000 people and thousands of families in 9/11.

    So, should we concerned about a religion where majority are "peaceful" and "ONLY A minority" are radicals? FU=KING HELL WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED.


    Why is it so misunderstood by its own followers, never mind the non followers because we are kafurs anyways.


  10. Yes this world need crusade 2.0, we need to unite n fight against this bullshit cult called Islam, if any muslim snowflake is offended by my comments call watch n debate your master known as christian prince bcuz he is the master of your imam n sheikh.

  11. Europe is destroying. Next is India(2nd time) coz again so called open minded Leftist Indians worship the ideology of Leftist Europeans. It happened in past. The world would have been a better place without Islam.

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