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Swim Smart | How To Train Like A Pro For Triathlon | JabarPos Media

You could get more out of every swimming session! Here are GTN’s tips on how to train like a pro for your next triathlon swim.

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Do you want your next triathlon swim to be smooth and effortless? Check out GTN’s tips on how to train like a pro in the pool…

– Structured sessions – Each session should have a focus. Including one aerobic, one speed and one threshold session per week will lead to a greater improvement than steady swimming.
– Technical Analysis – Get a friend or coach to film you and someone to analyse your stroke will help prevent forming bad habits. Regular drills will help reinforce good technique, especially if done at the end of a session.
– Breathing – practise breathing bilaterally help keep your stroke symmetrical however it is okay to breathe every two to prevent swimming hypoxic.
– Open Water Skills – Practise open water skills such as sighting, swimming in a group and swimming without touching the wall.
– Drafting – This is a skill that needs practising and can be done in the pool with familiar swimmers.

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  1. My favorite swim session is when I turn up to the pool and it's closed so I go for a bike ride 🙂 jokes I actually find programmed sessions based on leaving times the most effective.

  2. what I always like to do is a 200m block(in a 25m pool!!), and then go slow for 10m, sprint 15m, go slow for 15m, sprint for 10m, and so on(in my pool it is done easylice because of the flags above the pool), that way you learn to sprint really fast, without being able to push of a wall

  3. Hi, with two swiming sessions per week, should I always do a … session + changing the type of the second one every week ?
    always do a … and a … session every week ? or equally rotate between dift types of sessions every week ? thx

  4. It may well be true that pros won't improve their swim much by focusing on their technique but that's because for them there may not be much room for improvement in this area. For your average age grouper however, focusing on technique probably offers the biggest opportunity for improvement. More broadly, don't train like a pro if you aren't one. Train in a way that is specific and appropriate for you and your level.

  5. How many sessions would you recommend for a returning swimmer to sharpen up the techniques. Would you also mix in some back stroke etc if you're feeling tired as a active recovery to build endurance?

    Keep up the great content

  6. she would swim quite a bit faster with the proper catch, as a swimmer and collegiate water polo player, the catch is where most of my power comes from and pulling across ur body is bad news bears

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