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[SUPER-ADVANCED] 8-Hour Sleep! Growth Hormone, Memory, Learning and More: The Best Binaural Beats | JabarPos Media

** DOWNLOAD this and all my binaural beat content here:

We all know 8 hours of sleep is important. But do we know why?

I did so much research while producing this track that I decided I shouldn’t keep all the info to myself. So, I’ve begun this video with a short educational segment to show you why “everybody needs 8 hours of sleep” isn’t an urban legend. In fact, it’s critical to your long-term health and well-being!

In the first few minutes, you’ll learn:
* What does your brain do over the course of 8 hours?
* Why is 8 hours of sleep so much better than 7 hours?
* When does your brain release the most growth hormone?
* What are sleep spindles, and how do they help with learning?
* How does sleep help us unlock creativity?
* Why do we dream?
* What happens if we don’t dream enough?
* What happens during all the different sleep stages?
* Do we sleep better or worse as we get older?

After that, this video features a super-customized binaural beat track designed to be the ultimate sleep, helping adults enjoy the deep restorative rest they used to get when they were children.

As far as I know, this is a YouTube first… I looked at all the top 8-hour sleep tracks and none of them came close to following the natural human sleep pattern.

** WARNING!! **
** WARNING!! **
** WARNING!! **

(I’m not just saying “warning” to trick you into trying this.) 🙂

There are two reasons I avoided making this track for so long…

1) Human sleep cycles are usually 90 minutes long. Usually. Not always. In sleep studies, cycles have been as short as 70 minutes, and as long as 110. If your brain wants sleep cycles that are 110 minutes long, but is being forced into 90-minute cycles… well? There isn’t any research to show what might happen.

2) In my personal opinion, people shouldn’t really use binaural beats for more than 90 minutes. After that, I think it’s important to let your brain relax and do its own thing. This is why my other sleep tracks max out at 90 minutes.

With that said, this track is EXPERIMENTAL! By using it, you are a willing test subject, doing a great service to the Youtube universe. 🙂

Be sure to share your experience! With enough collected experiences, maybe we can all learn something new.

This is the only track I haven’t fully tested on myself — because I have yet to find a set of headphones that are worthy of wearing for 8 straight hours. 🙂

“Principles of Neural Science” by Kandel, Schwartz, and Jessell:
“Sleep Mechanisms and Functions in Humans and Animals: An Evolutionary Perspective”
“Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker:

Some stock images Created by Freepik and
“animal-close-up-donkey-70369” obtained from … somewhere?! (Sorry)

I’m not a doctor, just a nerd who loves meditation and experimenting with new things. I test every binaural beat track on myself and make sure I’m happy with the result before I make it public. Ultimately, every person is going to have their own unique experience. Using this track is done at your own risk — if you start to experience any negative effects, STOP using it!

Medicine, sleep, and neural science are ever-changing and constantly open to re-interpretation. What’s confirmed “absolute scientific truth” today can easily be marked as “scientifically disproved” tomorrow. My research team and I have done our very best to find and verify the most accurate, objective (and recent) information available, but new discoveries can render the information in this video obsolete at any time. I always encourage my viewers to be skeptical of anything they see on the internet, and to get their facts from multiple sources.

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  1. Hi Jody I tried to buy your collection on FLAC got one question what is gumroad ? is it safe to pay ? I am from europe so i am not familiar with gumroad

  2. I just woke up from my first run and….

    My earphones turned out to be more of a problem than I thought it would be. Fortunely, it's not the type that would hurt my ears if pressed on, but it fell off a lot of times. I mean, that's 8 full hours of sleep after all. It's not like power naps or the 90 minute, well, lullaby as I would describe it. Well basically, it fell off several times.

    Because of that, I woke up a lot. I'm not sure why. Maybe because only having 1 ear listen wakes my brain up. Surprisingly though, I actually don't hear anything in only 1 ear with the low volume I set. I'm still not exactly sure why I woke up a lot.

    I quickly fall asleep after putting it back in though. Now here's what I'm worried about. Is it even okay to put it? I mean, my brain is like awake but what if the track was on stage 3? Doesn't that mean putting it back in will force my brain to go to stage 3? It would be great to have some clarifications on this. I woke up last when it was 7 hours and 11 minutes. I decided that I slept long enough and considering the danger presented above, my brain woke up from the fear of abruptly understanding it.

    Another thing I noticed is that I was expecting to dream a lot. I never dreamed even once, as far as I can recall. Although I usually don't dream anyway, so that might be a personal thing of mine. Even then, the main point of this track that I'm very interested in is the enhancement of growth hormones. Well, I highly doubt that would show any reasonable result after 1 sleep.

    All in all, it was way far from a perfect sleep run. That said, I'm still willing to give it more tries. If nothing else, it does make me sleep very fast. For now, I should try to fix the problem of the earphones falling off. Maybe drill a sleeping posture into my body, or taping the earphones into my ears(lol)?

    Anyway, that's all I have for my first run.

  3. As always, thank you so much, as I've said before, your videos are the only ways I can fall asleep now. Not because I can't fall asleep without them, they just keep me asleep. I go through a lot of pain daily and what you've done here has helped so much, I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work man

  4. Unfortunately I realised this AFTER "paying a fair price" for your FLAC files.
    That in your videos/audios it's not that the left and right channel play at different frequencies.
    Because if they did, I would stop hearing the "wobble" if I heard it from only one ear.
    But that's not the case. I here the wobble from one ear too, or from the phone speaker (better example).
    Doesn't that mean it's not a binaural beat, but a normal beat?

    TL:DR Why can I hearing a wobble when I'm just listening from one side of my headphones?

    Final EDIT: Alright I tested it again and again, despite hearing a wobble out of one ear. I realised I was mistaken about there being a fault.
    On further inspection, the separate channels have wobbles(slightly different in sound) because the base frequency low enough to sound wobble-ish.
    But putting them together, there indeed was a third "beat" wobble that I could hear.
    Keep it up, Jody!

  5. My normal earphones stoped working so I'm using a cheap pair I found around the house. The cheap pair do not say L and R on the ear pieces but I do hear a difference when listening seperately. Will this still work if it turns out they are the wrong way around?

  6. Worked very well! Have been using binaural beats for a couple of decades now, and this is the best sleep program I have tried. I use an extension for my ear buds, plug the phone into a charger, and put the phone in the night stand drawer. The drawer is not fully closed so air can circulate and the phone doesn't get hot, but the light is blocked. It's probably good not to have phones close to you for long periods anyway.

  7. After rectifying an issue with the audio, I'm alternating between wired buds and the Samsung wireless earbuds which work great as there's no wire to find yourself tangled up in.

    Currently, I can only last about 40 minutes as I'm a virtual insomniac anyway.

    I think this track is a great idea and I can't wait to build up to its entirety, if I ever get that far.

  8. I have been listening to Jody's binaural beat videos for almost two years now. I started when he was known as "Mr. Dude". In spite of his choice of a public identity name, I trusted him. He publishes a pure tone with no subliminal messages buried in music or the sound of water. I listened with a small set of bluetooth wireless "on-ear" Bose headphones. With no wire, and a soft pillow they were small enough not to interfere with my sleep.

    I used to build a private YouTube playlist to repeat the 90 minute "Advanced" video several times to get a quality night's sleep. Now that people at YouTube have decided not to allow repeat selections in a playlist, I was happy to see that Jody published an eight hour video.

    I suggest that everyone, even those that think they don't need more sleep, should go to the TED Talks web site and search for " jeff iliff ". He explains how important it is for everyone to get good quality "Delta Wave" sleep. He talks about current research that has discovered how we all build up amyloid beta plaque in our brains during our waking hours. This plaque needs the be flushed out at night and this only happens when we get a deep delta wave sleep. When we reach this deep state of sleep our individual brain cells contract allowing cerebral spinal fluid to flow throughout our brain clearing out this daily build up of "gunk". He stops short of saying that this daily practice of deep sleep will prevent Alzheimer's disease but it will contribute to overall brain "housekeeping" which I construed to mean brain health.

    Unfortunately Dr. Iliff (Phd.) didn't give directions on how to reach this deep delta wave sleep. Others suggest a dark room, cool temperatures and calming thoughts. This didn't seem to be enough for me. Drawing on my high school science class experiments with pith balls, water tanks and induced waves, I tried Jody Hatton's binaural beats to help me achieve this much desired deep sleep state. I found that I woke much more refreshed, and my memory was better. I discovered that I could study and retain more information. Even more importantly I now dream more. I didn't realize that as I got older that I started to dream less. Now I notice the difference. It's amazing how good dreams and deep sleep calm the mind.

    I think Jody Hatton has filled a gap in brain research.

    Thanks, Jody.

  9. Thank you Jody! Completed the 8 hours last night! I definitely either woke up a few times, or became lucid, but I guess I went right back to sleep. Normally if I wake up in the night my brain turns on, my thoughts turn dark, and I find it hard to get back to sleep. Not with this on. I had some interesting dreams, but no nightmares. The 8h ended at 5.22 am so I put another one of your 90min vids on after. Feeling rested and happy despite my team losing a cup final yesterday and I had a few beers, which would normally be a combination for a bad mood today. Thanks again!

  10. My husband is snoring. I can hear him over the beats. I have to be up in 5 hours. I want to throat punch him and blame it on involuntary muscle spams due to my low potassium levels. Maybe I'll just eat some yogurt and start this over. I'll never reach theta much less delta at this rate. I forsee one of your power nap vids in my day tomorrow.

  11. Hey Jody, I purchased the set of your binaural beats containing this track as well. I was wondering if you could increase the volume a little bit, especially for the lower frequencies where it gets quite difficult to hear. I was also wondering, is it normal to hear some kind of static, white noise-like sound in the background and is there any way to remove this? Cheers Jody!

  12. Awesome I get a lot of dreams through out, and when I wake up I can recollect what I studied the previous night too. Seems to be working. Needs daily listening to improve the memory and daily consolidation of what you learned I guess

  13. Best sleep on earth? Having to use exxagerated superlatives to sell is enough proof of how good a product really is. Sorry friend, I’ve tried many binaural beats products for sleep but this one isn’t probably the one for the ‘best sleep in the world’. Start helping and stop marketing

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