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Restoring A Cast Iron Dutch Oven The Easy Way!! | JabarPos Media

This is the easiest method of cleaning cast iron cookware that I’ve found. Once properly seasoned, cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and other cookware will be practically maintenance free and last a lifetime.

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stainless pads
cleaning vinegar

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  1. While cleaning out my garden I threw all rotten tomatoes in my rusty wheel barrow so I could put them in the compost pile. I forgot to dump them out and they spent the night in the wheel barrow. When I dumped them the next day the bottom was shiney steel. All the rust had disappeared. Rather than throw rotten tomatoes out, keep them for rust removal.

  2. For the life of me I don't understand why you just didn't let the iron pot and cover soak for 48 hours submerged in vinegar. I bet you wouldn't of had to work so hard to remove that rust afterward. A normal scrub brush would of done the trick after soaking in vinegar. Vinegar soaking does amazing things to rust and even more amazing things to old iron cookware. You should try it sometime.

  3. Note: Crisco isn't great; since it's partially hydrogenated it doesn't plasticize well. Best oil is flax seed oil, with soybean oil as a "best buy" substitute (flax can be expensive and harder to find). Great idea to use the grill!

  4. I think this is the first time anyone I have watched has actively said the following:

    1. Heat it up first to drive off all the moisture before you apply your oil
    2. Put it in the oven (where ever) until it stops smoking – which in itself is smart
    3. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times and this bakes on your coating

    Brilliant! makes more sense now WHY we do this.

    Consider that I gave your video 11 thumbs up….you can just mentally add on those extra 10.

  5. I always enjoying reading the comments about how to clean a season cast iron. It's almost as much fun as the discussion around putting sugar in cornbread. Bottom line is the old rusty Dutch Oven turned out great and best I can tell that was the objective. Well done.

  6. A tip I found to work soak any rusted tool in white vinegar 24 to 48 hrs and all the rust will be gone ( metal only ) being careful to not put wood or other types of handles in the vinegar.

  7. Easier, with no scrubbing needed, is to run it through a self-cleaning oven cycle. Electric works better than gas. You can fill the oven with as many pieces as it will hold. After things cool down just wash, dry, season. No scrubbing needed. I've brought pieces back to life that looked totally worthless. Never use a wire wheel or anything very abrasive, especially on the inner surface of a vintage skillet.

  8. Easy? My easy is buying an old Lodge 12 inch skillet covered in rust for three dollars! Then taking it to a shop with a sand blaster and paying five dollars to use it! Then you wash, and then the seasoning process starts! That's EASY!

  9. I use cider vinegar for old iron tools and such. Just soak them in it for a couple days. Then wire brush it. Cleaning vinegar
    is just a higher percentage of acid than the 5% cider or clear vinegar. Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time
    hand scouring with the higher acid vinegar just soak the item for however long you want. Rust away – now that is easy.

  10. That's not a Dutch oven, it's a pot with a lid. A real Dutch oven has a flat lid with a lip around the outside of the lid. It's purpose is to hold the coals on top of the lid. Still it's great that you saved that pot from the trash heap. People are to quick to throw stuff out.

  11. That didn't look easy lol. I'd build a big fire in the yard, get lots of coals. Put that pan in the coals, and it'll cook the rust off for you. Its a little riskier than your method, but easier. by far.

  12. I watched every second of this video … i have a collection of cast iron skillets I bought at my local goodwill and have seasoned all of them but this pot you have is the only missing piece to finish my collection I am dying to find one like yours. Great video! Thanks for sharing ❤️

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