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What Is Finance? (Definition of Finance)

Finance has the meaning of financing and various activities related to money such as lending, lending, saving, making budgets and others.

There are 3 types of finance that are commonly owned by people, namely, personal finance, corporate finance and government or public finance.

Financial Example

Some examples to explain about finance can be seen from the following things.

  • Lending money to investors by issuing permits on behalf of the company.
  • Invest money in shares or other forms.
  • Lending money by giving them a mortgage to buy a house
  • Save money in high-interest savings.
  • and others

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There are various financial topics that are of concern to the public, invited:

  • Profit
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  • Financial statements
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Financial Information Sources

To discuss financial issues, there are several sources of information that are popular in the community and can be used as reference material.

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Financial Career

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Yahoo Finance’s Jessica Smith, Aikiko Fujita, Julie Hyman and Adam Shapiro discuss the latest developments regarding the trade negotiations between China and the United States.

Also, David Nelson of Belpointe Asset Management discusses why he is not ‘encouraged’ with how the stock market is reacting to trade uncertainty between the United States and China.

Stocks began to recover some losses Wednesday as investors considered whether the U.S. and China would come to an agreement to resolve a more than year-long trade dispute before new tariffs are set to take effect Friday.

The S&P 500 (^GSPC) rose 0.33%, or 9.87 points, as of 3:02 p.m. ET. The Dow (^IXIC) advanced 0.51%, or 131.65 points. The Nasdaq (^IXIC) rose 0.27%, or 21.16 points.

Through market close Tuesday, each of the three major indices was off more than 2%, cutting into steep gains stocks had posted in the first several months of the year.

Investors were blindsided Sunday with a tweet from President Donald Trump stating he was set to raise tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and tack on levies to an additional $325 billion of Chinese imports, ending a five-month trade ceasefire between the U.S. and China.

Trump was spurred to announce the additional tariffs after Chinese negotiators late last week reneged on a litany of key aspects of the working trade deal, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing unnamed government and private sector officials briefed on the matter.

According to the account, China backtracked on commitments that would require it to change laws to address U.S. concerns including intellectual property theft, forced technology transfers, competition policy, access to financial services and currency manipulation. Each of these issues has been high on the Trump administration’s list of priorities for an eventual trade deal, and had in large part catalyzed the trade war in the first place.

Some observers have speculated that Trump’s Twitter post was a negotiating tactic to push China toward more concessions, but a source in Reuters’ report refuted this notion as the only motive behind the additional threats.

On Wednesday, Trump insinuated in a pair of Twitter posts that the Chinese delegation was attempting to delay a trade deal until after the 2020 presidential elections, when a different candidate could take office and potentially reach a deal with more lenient terms. He added that he was “very happy with over $100 billion a year in Tariffs filling U.S. coffers.”

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Such are some brief explanations about President Trump not backing down on tariffs.


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  1. Time is running out for China negotiation.Iran could start nuke test in 60 days after pull out from JCOAP agreement.Venezuela could get nuke power technology sooner then later.

  2. There will be no final deal, maybe just an amendment, it will go on for years. Many of us think it is a trade war between two counties, but in the end, it is a close fight between two men, who is enjoying the moment siting on the top of pyramid with absolute power. At the end of the day, who wins, eat 3 meals a day and sleep on 1 bed, who loses, only eat 2 meals a day and get to share the bed with his wife….

  3. The old white man-boy who cried tariff…China is not going to make deals with tariff terrorists and juveniles. Americans will pay the tariff, but China doesn't care because, domestically, they are converting to a consumer society and producing in neighbouring countries by exporting their technology and training and developing the economy and exporting to US and back into china. Look at health care sector for bargains atm.

  4. Honestly guys lets relax here, China already has a reputation of being cheap, and that's the only reason why people buy things from there. If they increase the prices to the consumer, the consumer will just go somewhere else! That's the only reason why China thrives in America is cause it's just cheaper. Take that out of the equation and China would be the one hurting in the long run. Trump is right… But a 150% increase is obviously a bit much. I could see that money coming in and causing a bit of inflation but nothing much.

  5. Scare tactics doesn't work against the Chinese..Let see how long US going to implement the Tariffs on China ?? Before the US Presidential election 2020 Donald Trump will be crawling back begging for negotiation …Many ignorance American thought that by shifting the production links out China will automatically killed off the Chinese economy but not knowing that every products supported by manufacture network chains which material and parts come from different sources and the sources come mainly from China without those support it will be like a F35 fighter plane without a engine…However it will hurt the Chinese economy a bit but they can manage those pain and the American economy will suffer even more as it end up US consumers and businesses paying for the tax…

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