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Malaysia's Success Story (DOCUMENTARY) | JabarPos Media

Exploring Malaysia’s economic boom and how it used a unique financial model to expand abroad, reaping rewards and cementing itself as a world class innovator in Islamic finance.

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  1. I don't believe it when Fara Mohammad refers to the islamic banking system existing alongside the conventional banking system as being a "level" playing field. For this system to be favorable to muslims, the islamic banking system will have to exist as a parasitic host to the conventional banking system. Even Malaysia's education system is in favor of muslims.

  2. Whist there is no doubt that Islamic Finance serves a specific client base, I question the integrity of the Malaysia government as being at the forefront of this initiative. Why?

    Anyone who follows Malaysian politics and governance will know what I am alluding to here.

  3. Emma Klinsmann i am Malaysian, its not apartheid. its a system to develop the native people in Malaysia. Native citizen are Malay, Aborigin, and also some etnics in Sabah Sarawak. Yes, exactly, it is a system to help native citizen to survive in Economy, education and social. this system is to avoid riots from Citizens. because we have learnt from bad history before happened in 1969, the crisis between races. While in the orther hand, the government also support Chinese and indian. The goverment keep support in finance and education. Fyi, there are many school and shop, of indian and chinese. if our/ this system is cruel, these kind of school and shop will be closed long time ago, but not.

    you also can check, which race conquer the wealth in Malaysia… is Malaysia government cruel?

  4. Malaysia is an apartheid, racist country, that gives everything to the Malay. The hard-working Chinese, Indians and White people that keep the country going get nothing. Fair laws and good government are only found in Singapore.

  5. Malaysia must be a role model.. especially how to learn this system in the world. A only country that give inspires me to know about Islamic finance and HALAL , self-confidence, solidarity and the belief that the future can be changed.Thumbs up from korean! So proud and It's surprising.

  6. The reason why Malaysia succeed as an Secular Islamic majority nation is because we tolerate the non-muslim better than the rest of Islamic Nation. Instead of belittle the Indians and Chinese, we learn from them and keep them at bay. Malaysia is also known to deport many illegal immigrants that does nothing here but lives on welfare.

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