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Lessons learned 10 years after the financial crisis | JabarPos Media/a> – This time JabarPos.Net will discuss about Finance and all the things about finance like insurance, loan etc.

The following is Lessons learned 10 years after the financial crisis. And for those of you who want to find a similar explanation, you can search in the Finance category

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What Is Finance? (Definition of Finance)

Finance has the meaning of financing and various activities related to money such as lending, lending, saving, making budgets and others.

There are 3 types of finance that are commonly owned by people, namely, personal finance, corporate finance and government or public finance.

Financial Example

Some examples to explain about finance can be seen from the following things.

  • Lending money to investors by issuing permits on behalf of the company.
  • Invest money in shares or other forms.
  • Lending money by giving them a mortgage to buy a house
  • Save money in high-interest savings.
  • and others

Financial Topic

There are various financial topics that are of concern to the public, invited:

  • Profit
  • Capital
  • Cash flow
  • Financial statements
  • Dividend
  • Return on capital
  • Loss
  • Return rates, and other fees

Financial Information Sources

To discuss financial issues, there are several sources of information that are popular in the community and can be used as reference material.

  • Google Finance, for example such as market data, stock prices, news and others.
  • SEC website or company submission
  • Bloomberg News that contains news about companies and industries.

Financial Career

There are several types of careers that complete finance, given:

  • Accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage
  • Investment Credit
  • Personal banking
  • Commercial loans
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance
  • Audit
  • Equity Research

As the current bull market turns 10 years old over the weekend, former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond joins CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report” to discuss the growing uncertainty about the global economy and more.

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Such are some brief explanations about Lessons learned 10 years after the financial crisis.


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  1. I was a freshman in highschool when he called that. Wish I was old enough to have a broker account than. Would of been able to retire rn if I could of bought Amazon

  2. What a great lesson we learned: bankers, investors, and equity holders robbed the value of the dollar through the hands of the Fed and fractional reserve lending. What a fantastic example of elitist, establishment, protectorates keeping the rich rich. What a fantastic example of arrogant wealthy people believing the world’s wealth depends on them staying wealthy. Surprise: we don’t need you. Live by the sword; die by the sword. The rich have raped the wealth from the middle class again.

  3. Why would companies " Learn lessons " as the title states? They're untouchable. If they do exactly the same again then, Nothing will happen to them………AGAIN, So why would they change? They obviously won't.

  4. Free market capitalism in the USA: bail out the banks, fed buys treasuries and fixes yields, plunge protection team, and near zero rates for corporate buy backs.

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