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Judul : Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – A Convertible Laptop with a Soundbar! | JabarPos Media
Link: Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – A Convertible Laptop with a Soundbar! | JabarPos Media

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Lenovo Yoga C930 Review – A Convertible Laptop with a Soundbar! | JabarPos Media

The Lenovo Yoga C930 is a 2-in-1 Convertible that has insanely good speakers and a pen that can be stored inside the laptop. Think of it as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 of laptops with really great sound. Watch for the full review!

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  1. 1500 for a dedicated GPU (Intel HD 620) is absurd. Couple that with such few ports (you only get a single Thunderbolt since the other port is used by the charger) and this is a terrible design. They even kept the chin massive and it looks awkward. It's as if they dedicated all their time into making that soundbar, and while it is extremely nice and probably the best audio you will get from a laptop right now, usually you are using headphones in a public place so you wouldn't be making the best use of it. Otherwise if you use it at home, it probably only manages on the couch. If you have a desk for this you can probably afford $50 external speakers that give you good enough surround sound (and you should probably be able to afford such a thing if you're dropping 1.5k on this laptop) or you get the best use of this if you're a traveler looking to use it in hotel rooms where you have nothing else but your laptop.

    Also, you cannot get the basic version at 4k, you are limited to the FHD 1080p and then there's the issue that the RAM is onboard and cannot be upgraded, so lack of customization when buying + integrated graphics card + few ports make this a skip for a lot of people unless they are upgrading from a 5 year old laptop or unless Lenovo is running a massive sale (like $300 off, which they do a few times a year). The biggest selling point is the soundbar, without it the laptop is honestly extremely average and BELOW average for its price point. And I haven't even gotten into the display. It does not even crack 300 nits. This is horrendous considering we have 400 Nit displays by now on ultrabooks and even the XPS 2 in 1 has a 430 nit display.

    So yes, it's sleek and modern looking with amazing audio but the display really lacks and the price is a bit too high for what it offers (integrated graphics card at 1.5k USD..). My recommendation would be to wait until a price drop or buy only if Lenovo is offering $300 discount sales. At the time of writing there IS a discount sale for custom yogas and you can get $300+ off this unit.

  2. I bought this laptop and you can cook on its heat. Whenever you go thin expect the heat. Simple problem like this is not solved. All you guys do these review videos and hide the faults of it, because you are paid.

  3. I had this. It was abit buggfy in that watching stuff in tent mode, the screen would occasionally flicker. Wasn't too big a deal. It would be perfect was just wasn't good enough for another thing I wanted to use it for it portrait-tablet mode.

  4. this review is absolutely amazing! I have a question and it might sound very stupid, but I am very anxious about it; does this laptop support a Bluetooth mouse? I´m sorry if I seem ignorant, the whole "laptop turning into tablet" mode just made me think whether or not it can connect with a Bluetooth mouse to play other games, like Minecraft for example?
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Great review of this content creativity laptop 💻. I saw one of my favorite YT Vloggers using this series a few weeks ago. I work from home 3 out of 6 days for work and I need a new budget friendly “techbook” 👩🏽‍💻

  6. 5:39 "It doesn't get loud enough to really complain. So if you're in a class or you're in a library and you want your laptop to stay quiet, the C930 does a great job"

    lol I'm sure that's called turning the volume down.

  7. brother i bought this one and with antiglare scratches they change it with anew device , after 3 weeks using it the screen agaaaain starts to peel what !!! what can i do also it has small scratch in the bottom they will refuse to change again ,, but whyyyy this issue ,, it is cost more than 2000$$

  8. Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love 💖

  9. I want to buy the yoga 730 or this laptop but I don't know which one to choose.
    So is this laptop better than the yoga 730 2 in 1 15inch?
    How long does battery life last with a 50% to 30% brightness?
    Does the pen drain battery life when it's automatically being charged inside the slot?

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