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Learn Korean – Fruits Vocabulary | JabarPos Media

Learn Korean – Fruits Vocabulary | JabarPos Media/a> – This time JabarPos.Net will discuss about Korea and all the things about Korea like language, culture, food, travelling etc.

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Learn Korean – Fruits Vocabulary | JabarPos Media


Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! Here at KoreanClass101.com, weve discovered the easiest way for you to learn Korean vocabulary words. Put us to the test with this video tutorial designed to teach you about something that you cant live without.

In this Korean video tutorial, youll learn the words for all sorts of fruits. Theyre presented so that you’re sure to learn: hear a native speaker repeat the word three times, fast, slow, then fast. The video also shows the Korean characters for each fruit, and there’s a fun self-test at the end to see just how much you learned.


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  1. I really have a problem with pronouncing ㄹ. It's supposed to sound a mix of both 'r' and 'l' but sometimes I hear just 'l'… 🙁 And to pronounce 'r' and 'l' really stresses my tongue. 😛

  2. @Soulacex 'ㄹ'is pronounced differntly according to where it is: when it is at the begining followed by vowel, like '라', '로',it would be pronounced 'r' like many languges such as Italian, spanish(ca'r'o, ve'r'o ), but if it was at bottom, it would pronounced like 'l'sound(minera'l', hote'l').

  3. @IcelandHorse6000
    from videos on youtube,
    you just need to concentrate on it
    and you'll get it in a jiffy if you learn the alphabet and how it sounds you can read it but you might have no idea what it is but you'll be able to read it, and that's why you need to learn more vocab.

    but you can do it ! 🙂
    korean is awesome!
    & I like it a lot lot.

    if you really want to learn korean go to korea and I swear you will be speaking korean in like 3months lol
    cause your body/mind has to adapt.

  4. @sang93kk Not just that, but this video is good for beginners at Korean spelling. I'm actually using this to enhance my spelling. There are so many people that say they've mastered reading and writing in Korean, but when you really check into it, there are spelling mistakes everywhere.

  5. Sometimes when you try to read though you don't understand completely, it actually helps in a way to get accustomed to Korean at least. Of course it's the best if you know both so the more you study the more you feel the difference and won't get so confused!;) Madison/Koreanclass101,com

  6. yes i think so because im a korean english and japanese speaker..! japanese might seem easy in the beginning but the more you get into the more it gets harder. you also have to memorize chinese characters called "kanji" which is quite hard for japanese as wel. but Korean only has few alphabets. So don't get scared! it's going to be all easy as long as you enjoy! 😉 Madison/Koreanclass101,com

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