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Judul : iPhone XS Max 6 Months Later! | JabarPos Media
Link: iPhone XS Max 6 Months Later! | JabarPos Media

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iPhone XS Max 6 Months Later! | JabarPos Media

iPhone XS Max 6 Months Later! Hello all and welcome to my 6 months later experience with the Apple iPhone XS Max. In this video, I will do an in depth analysis from a user experience of what it has been like to own the iPhone XS Max. This video is not a standard review where we discuss specs, but more of a conversation about ownership experience. If you have had or have the iPhone XS Max, please consider sharing your experience with the community down below in the comment section of this video!

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  1. iPhone XS Max 6 Months Later! In this video we discuss the user experience of a 6 months user! Share your experiences with the XS Max, thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and enjoy the content 🙂

  2. Got it Day 1 and it’s still blazingly fast and literally feels brand new. I’m blown away and impressed. My S8 was super slow and the battery was lasting a few mere hours when I reached the 6 month mark. That’s what made me switch in the first place. Apple all day 💪

  3. i just got the Xs for like 150$ off at bestbuy.

    my iphone 6 worked perfectly fine and the battery life was at like 88%, I kinda feel like the Xs isn't that great of an upgrade, considering my 6 worked perfectly fine.

    Like my 6 is in MINT condition!

    i kinda feel the Xs is severely overpriced for the little performance upgrade it offers, from my 6.

    but them again i really wanted this phone and had been trying to find the right deal to come along.

  4. I am into my 2nd month with it. I really am enjoying it. It is definitely a premium device. My experience with Apple these past 3 years has been great. Much better than Samsung and trouble free. I am glad I made the jump. Completely in the ecosystem from the iPad to the phone, watch and Mac Pro.

  5. Being a Android user for 8 years and i made the jump to Iphone and i got the Iphone Xs max its a super super dope phone imma skip iphone 11 cause i perfer the xs design more

  6. The XS Max is the best phone I’ve ever had. It feels luxurious and the only bad thing is that I never want to put it down.
    And now you have convinced me to get the Apple Watch series 4, sir.

  7. I appreciate the fact that you made a video on the phone after a period of time later it was released because I love to be updated on what the phone is like after it was out for a while. Not many people do that lol thank youu

  8. I love my Xs Max. Upgraded from the iPhone 7 and I don’t miss the fingerprint ID whatsoever. I haven’t used a headphone jack since the iPhone 6 plus I’ve been an AirPods user for 2 years now. Battery life is great compared to previous models. User experience is very nice which is why I’m satisfied with iOS overall. There is room for improvement(s) but I don’t regret getting the Xs Max whatsoever. I also love having my Xs Max paired with my series 4 Apple Watch.

  9. Nick-I agree with your review. I have had the XS Max since it's release and still absolutely LOVE it! I have the Note 9 as well…but it's been in the box for months. I love my XS Max and can't put it away(not until the 11 comes out at least). I have no issues with call quality. I'm in Chicago and my call quality is great. The battery life is SUPERB! much better than the Note 9. I can go all day and at night when I shut it down I have over 70% battery life left. I'm a moderate user and not on my phone all day with games(which I don't play except 8-ball pool) and on youtube and such. With me it's mostly phone calls and texting and maybe some youtube. But my battery life is excellent. Easily a 2 day with with my usage before I have to charge it. This phone is just so smooth and everything just simply WORKS!!! more than I can say for the Note 9.

    Apple's Eco system is the ABSOLUTE BEST! bar NONE! Can't wait for the iPhone 11 and IOS13 which is supposed to be nothing short of GREAT!

    Nice Review!

  10. Love it. Love the Iphone Xs Max. I wish was a little bigger. The battery life has not impressed me like the 7plus. Oh and I was let down terribly by the icloud and Apple support. As I lost a lot of my contacts when syncing from my old IPhone ☓ to the Xs Max via Icloud, SMT. and APPLE SUPPORT COULD NOT FIX THIS. SMT. But that's not subject here hey. My bad. But 2 Thumbs Up For The Iphone Xs Max. 👍🏾👍🏾

  11. No doubts world best mobiles are iphones
    I have used almost all brands (kinds) of mobile
    But iPhone Is best of the best in all perspective camera, screen, feel, durability, porformans, sound software, love iPhone xs max 💕♥️❤️

  12. I finally upgraded from my 7 plus. Only reason I decided to get a new phone is cause the volume is gone unless I have headphones in. Now I have the XS Max and XR through AT&T buy one get one

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