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I Went To China, India & Malaysia In A Day!⎮Solo Travel Vlog | JabarPos Media

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I Went To China, India & Malaysia In A Day!⎮Solo Travel Vlog | JabarPos Media

Hi beautiful friends! In today’s video, I bring you along to show you just how diverse Kuala Lumpur is, and visit the beautiful Thean Hou Temple, Little India and Jalan Alor Street Food Market. It was truly like stepping into 3 countries in a day, and the multiculturalism was incredible. The serene Thean Hou Temple was definitely a big highlight and I truly fell in love with this place. I hope this vlog can give you some inspiration of places to visit, to embrace each other’s differences and see them as things that bring us together, and to give what you have to others. We live in a beautiful world and this earth is a gift, when we choose love we raise the vibration of the planet and make it a better place for all♡ Sending my love!

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  1. Hi beautiful friends! I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog and it inspires you to visit some of these beautiful places in Kuala Lumpur! It’s amazing how it felt like stepping into three countries in a day ❤️ which place interested you the most? Sending my love ❤️

  2. Love your vlogs like always Jasmine! I have definitely watched Jorney to The West, those were one of my happiest moments when I use to watch it with my grandma/mum who has now passed on ❤️ Your so strong travelling on your own, that's what i've always wanted to do but I also have a fear of being alone but after watching your vlogs I want to go out on my own in the near future❤️

  3. Your videos makes me feel happy every time…….and your videos makes me experience my life in a beautiful way……love you jasmine……you're such a beautiful soul😍

  4. Theese days I'm starting my day by watching your videos.. And they are so healing Jasmine… You're so healing and beautiful. I'm going through a really hard time… but I want you to know… You inspire me and help me look how beautiful is this world. I'm so grateful to you… I can't even write this comment without crying. Bless you Jasmine… Keep doing this good work. I love you.

  5. Hii dear❤️💖💕
    aww❤️😘 i am soooo happy you are really in India (my country) i am so so happy to see u here welcome in my country i hope u will like it here i wishing meet u dear i missed you in here hopefully i could come my soul is just feel amazing & exciting i really appreciate that you finished 3 countries travel in a day i will wait new video fast very very always you are one of kind jasmine love u so so much 💕❤️💖💞😘

  6. Hey dear jass I m from's glad to see u exploring about India .😍😍😘😘love ya bae.. u r so positive person 😘😘..ur biggest fan from India dear sister😘😘😘😘

  7. I always love watching your videos, you are soo sweet and the positive energy that comes within you reaches my entire being and heart! Keep being yourself and keep doing what you love, you deserve all the best! 💜

  8. What you did for that man was so heart warming. Reminds me of the time I went to another city and saw many homeless people and I remember wishing I could give them something but I had nothing to give. I hope I can make up for that and help more people like them later on

  9. Absolutely loving your travel vlogs, they really brighten my day and make me want to travel ! Btw I'm sure a bird pooping in you is considered a sign of good luck ! 🤔💕💕

  10. The dress in this vlog is beautiful and flowy, I love it!😍 I appreciate each video you post, all of your videos makes me so happy! ❤️

    I also love spices…they're wonderful for health. My mom and I like to drink Thyme tea with honey for different health benefits and cooking with spices really flavors food, so deliciously. One simple recipe I really enjoy is take whole, ripe tomatoes and put them in a pan with a little olive oil and let the tomatoes cook down into basically a juice – you can leave some chunks which is nice, it gives it more texture then add salt, pepper and dry basil. It's very good and simple.❤️

  11. Thank you for another insightful video, Jasmine ❤️. Loving your Malaysia trip. Heading there in June myself and so thankful for all your tips 😃. I too hope to visit the Cameron Highlands, looks so beautiful there! I heard that it’s actually pretty easy to drive there from KL by car, that would make for an awesome adventure and an amazing video! Xxx

  12. Hi Jasmine, please be careful walking along the road, there's lots of motorcycles and cars in the city. Don't stand at the road while you're filming. It's very dangerous and you're considering blocking the cars from passing near you as well. Lot of love from fellow malaysian. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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