How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta | JabarPos Media

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How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta | JabarPos Media

We’ve all been there. A douchebag at the bar tries to pick a fight with you or even worse lays a hand on a lady. But what’s the best way to react when the moment moves to live action?
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Professional fighter Roger Huerta has seen his share of these moments and has the tips & tricks to make sure you can defend yourself.

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  1. This is how you take a cheat shot. When you face-to-face with your enemy. you will had to pretend that there's a officer coming from the back of your enemy's back. You look toward the direction of your enemy's back, wave your hand and say help officer when your enemy turn back and look that's when u throw the punch.
    do not use this idea to hate anyone in the back of the neck

  2. They are crazy if they think I would get into it with a strange man who is arguing or grabbing a woman…. most likely she wouldn't even be grateful and she would still end up in his bed anyhow!! This, I have seen.

    I am no white knight for women, fuck that. They wanted equality now they got it.

  3. These kind of vids are more likely tae get ye beaten up or killed.
    Dosnae matter what anyone thinks of ye fe daun it just run and if ye cannae run or talk your way oot a it, two fingers very quickly and very hard straight in the eyes. Then run. Most martial arts are a total waste of time in an all out street fight especially against a ned that has lots of experience.
    Love and respect fae Glasgow.

  4. I use to white night for women this way. Then I grew up and realized that 99-percent of the time the woman precipitated the situation with the perceived aggressive male so some man would come to her aid, thus making her feel empowered or experience some sort of drama to feed off of in some way; and all the while she could care less if you, the white night, got your face bashed in. She may even go off with the other guy while you're lying on the ground.

  5. I'm laughing my ass off now. I started reading the other replies after I wrote mine and they were all pretty much sardonic like mine. I'm glad to see men are waking up and avoiding these ridiculous situations to begin with.

  6. When I moved to NYC I learned that you NEVER know who you're messing with. 1st bar fight, I told him to hit me first (so he couldn't sue me), and he did so with a pint glass upon my forehead. Second fight the guy pulled a knife on me.

  7. Are these 2 guys struggling comedians or something? From a fighting perspective, I found absolutely no valuable advice in this video. Your head is the LAST part of your body that you want to expose in a no holds barred street fight. This first thing you do in street fight is to try to deceive or confuse your opponent(s), meaning you create a distraction that exposes their vulnerabilities. 9 times out of 10 your opponent is focused on your head and plans to attack you with the right side of his body. Take the focus off your head, make him look at your hands, and strike him with your legs, and/or make him focus of your legs and strike with your fists, and/or make him focus on your left and strike with your right… do you see where I am going? You always want to keep your most vulnerable spots (head, chest, groin) protected while you take control of the situation with your weapons (hands, arms, legs, feet). The only time you should be compelled to "headbutt" is when someone grabs you from behind and foolishly makes their face a target for you. Listening to these 2 comedians will only help you lose a street fight.

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