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How to really save money on airfare and hotel accommodations: sleep in airports like a true glamorous travel YouTuber!

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  1. Spent 9 hours-more like 10- in Abu Dhabi airport. Of course all the sweet spots were taken, so my friend and I found arm chairs in the COLDEST HALLWAY OF MY LIFE. I did not have a granny sweater. Or a neck pillow. I ordered a retardedly sweet mocha that basically only served to warm my hands, and edited India pictures. P.S. I tried to hide/shield my friend while she slept on the floor for a bit, but they wouldn't let her. :'(

  2. i didn’t sleep but stayed in the airport for 17 hours because they cancelled my flight. but it took me till the time security was open to rebook a flight and explains how i was 16 and couldn’t get a hotel voucher… it was a struggle

  3. I have stayed overnight in Shanghai Pudong airport, the departure zone, and honestly, wouldn't say I was sleeping, because the airport is massive and too many people looked sketchy. But there was a Starbucks open all night, just dudes there didn't know what a pin code was, so they blocked my debit card. So my advice in sketchy looking places would be find someone just as lost looking as you are and make friends. Two random girls going to New Zealand hi5, because that saved my night!

  4. I once slept in an airport in Dubai. For 3 hours i tried to fall asleep and when I slowly started falling asleep I realized that apparently they had speaker play the prayers at aproximately 5/6 a.m. That was probably the logest time that I haven't slept in my whole damn lifee

  5. I had to sleep in the terminal of Reagan once and it sucked I was unprepared and trying to get home on standby. The floor was so cold and the speakers playing music sounded so raggedy it was hard to sleep at all

  6. Slept in the Paris airport, we had a 17hr layover but we went and dropped off our bags in the room upstairs where they keep your bags for you for a fee. Then we slept for 5hrs, woke up, took the train to the middle of the city. Explored, went back to the airports, picked up our bags, checked in and dipped.

  7. that was a great advice you gave I walk through the airport every day and I feel so bad seeing people sleeping there, looks so discomfort, most of them are pass riders (people that may fly for free or pay the minimum). Anyways, unfortunately, they can't transfer your bag because sometimes the airplane is not even there and there is no place to hold it during the night time once the airport is close, that would increase the risk of loss.

  8. At Houston intercontinental Airport, the best place to sleep is the Terminal D check in hall, there isnt really any security workers bothering you there at night plus its the international terminal, so it doesn't have a whole lot of early morning flights so it pretty empty all morning. Also, there is a row of sofas and power sockets and there are usually other travelers too, so go for it!

  9. I slept in Dublin airport, had to wait around from 11pm til 6am for the bus from the airport to the city where I live because there's no night buses at the weekend. I was with my boyfriend so we took turns sleeping on the floor on our winter jackets. We charged our phones by plugging them into the computers where you pay for internet (for free) and got food in McDonald's when it opened at about 4am. Overall a very tiring experience.

  10. my best tip for traveling in general but specifically if you have to sleep in an airport, bring a real pillow. it's kind of a pain in the ass to carry with you but honestly there's nothing like having the perfect pillow with you wherever you go. especially if you're traveling long term, like idk what i'd do without this bad boy

  11. So glad you asked. I found this channel right before backpacking europe alone for 100 days. September 25th was my flight home to the states. My phone was stolen twice during this trip and a week before my flight I dropped my latest phone and totalled it.🤗 Which meant I somehow had to get myself back to america with no phone, no google maps. The only bus from plymouth to london got in at 11pm so i spent the night in heathrow bc i was too scared to try and find a hostel with no google maps. Departures had plastic chairs and alot of light, not comfortable at all🙃 so i took my stuff to these pillars behind the special assitance booth and curled up there trying to stay warm, waking up every few minutes and trying to get myself back to sleep and then geting up to stretch. Worst sleep of my life. Then at 6am when the airport was up and running again, i realize i dont have my confirmation number, i dont even know what airline im flying with, where my lay over is… like idek if i was sleeping in the right terminal. All i know is what time the flight leaves. I spend the next few hour walking from airline to airline reapeating my story and no one could help me. So eventually someone says that the airport has computers somewhere and i should go check my email and get the confirmation number. I have an hour before my flight now. I have to ask so many people before someone actually points me to the computers. I try to log into my email and it says it wants to send a verification number to my phone. Oh great! Thanks for reminding me i dont have a phone. I start crying. I ask a few more airlines to please help me. I finally just ask a stranger on his ipad if i can borrow it to check my fucking email really quick. He looks at me like im insane but says ok. I get checked in to the god damn flight 8 mins before they close check in. So the other thing is while i was traveling i never actually found housing for when i got back to the states and also school started the day of my flight. So now its 9pm and im literally homeless and i cant even book an air bnb or evsn find my way to one if i did. So i sleep in the portland airport. It was like a fever dream except i was freezing. I just kept fading in and out of sleep shivering and reading my book trying not to look sus. First thing in the morning i find my way to my school with my giant backpacking backpack and rent a laptop and a locker. LMAO, it was rough! i dont want to talk about how bad it was with my friends so im just leaving it here:) #i never want to sleep in an airport again

  12. I slept in Nairobi airport for 16 hours to get to my country Comoros, it was awful and cold, me and my little sisters had to sleep on the floor with no warmth and we weren't allowed to leave the airport so yeah super fun loved every second xox

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