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How To Sleep Better! | JabarPos Media

Craig learns the results of his sleep study and tries to unlock the secret of a good night’s rest! How can we get more sleep? Are we getting less sleep? Is sleep deprivation a problem? Why don’t we care about sleep? Why is sleep so important?

Special Thanks To:

The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine
Clete A. Kushida
William C. Dement
Rafael Pelayo

Mary Benzine

Sleep Playlist Videos:
How Science Changed Sleep Forever –
Why Do We Sleep? –
Why Do We Dream? –
How To Sleep Better! –

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  1. I recently started taking a tbsp of honey before sleep and it's doing wonders for me! My sleep is deeper and I'm even dreaming and I remember the dreams! I also, try not to eat past 9 p.m. and I had to stop caffeine because it was messing my sleep cycle up.

  2. IRONY = It's 7.51am, i've been awake for roughly 40 hours (little over 2 nites & a day) & i'm watching this entire Sleep Playlist . . .
    still unable to fall asleep.
    Basically since high school (i graduated in 98) without sleeping pills i'm usually awake for around 3 days, then i'll doze off for about 3-4 hours, wake up & stay up for another 2-3 days, & then fall asleep & sleep for 24-30 consecutive hours. Then wake up, stay up for about 3 days & the cycle begins again . . .

  3. I'm currently trying to turn my sleep cycle around 180 degrees. Until last week, I had to work from 1.30 pm to 11.00 pm. Now Have a different shift and have to work from 1.30 am to 10.30 am. It's really messing with my sleep. I sleep a lot since I am always tired now (well, even more than usually) but It feels like I don't sleep as deep as before. I hope I get the hang of it soon…

  4. You guys didnt talk about morning larks or night owls.
    There are people who are biologically unable to have certain schedules and "feel rested". A night owl will not be able to wake up early no matter what conditions are present.

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