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How to Sleep Better by Grounding to the Earth – Tips for Sleeping | JabarPos Media

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Grounding to the Earth is not difficult! Learn how to ground your bed for sleeping. Listen to these sleeping tips! When you ground while sleeping you will sleep better because you are not exposed to all the static dirty electricity at night. This is just common sense ya’ll. Grounding to the earth is relatively unknown unless you’re a health fanatic like myself! Grounding your bed requires copper wire or conductive material. This video contains tips for sleeping better. Go to Buy the SILVERELL® FABRIC. It’s supposed to retain it’s conductivity even after washing. Read the book Earthing. How to ground your bed is a very good question! You can also buy products from for grounding to the earth. Grounding your bed helps you feel better too! Grounding earthing is really important to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Just lay the fabric out on the bed and make sure you are touching it. Connect a grounding cord to the fabric and plug it in. If you want to check to make sure you’re grounded you have to buy an auto ranging multimeter – also available at less emf. Earthing grounding is easy if you know how to use a multimeter to connect to your body! Sleeping grounded will help your nervous system function better for obvious reasons! Earthing grounding is so cool and healthy! Grounding sleep habits require you to learn about earthing properly! WATCH this excellent video and you’ll get healthier fast! First you learn how to ground yourself… then you learn how to ground your bed and how to sleep grounded! Some people are nervous all the time but they simply don’t know about grounding yourself to the earth. Sleep grounded for healthy thinking during the day and deep sleep at night! If you learn how to earth your bed you’ll be able to make more money at work and have better relations with people too. That’s what I think anyway! I learned how to ground yourself a long time ago! I made an earthing bed clear back in the old days! Earth grounding is nothing new to me baby. It’s old hat. The sleeping tips shown in this video are SO helpful when you have dirty electricity. Grounding yourself to the earth is key for getting a good night’s rest! —————————–

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  1. Thanks a lot for putting this content out there! I'm pretty new to that but doing my yoga/qigong and meditation on grass installed me a flyscreen sleeping mat today! Boom. Best discovery in years!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Your vibe is super cool! great info!! love your sweet dog too!! 🐕 question, is there a way to ground my spring mattress, while i find the way to get the bed you recommend? thanks!! 🙂

  3. very interesting, just subbed look forward to learning more,already lost 50 pds,going organic/spices exercise, now I gotta learn this very excited, were never finish learning

  4. Brett, could I say, I wouldn't recommend walking barefoot as when you do this we pick up all kinds of parasites,????
    I personally have a large granite stone at my feet all night, granite is filled with quarts cristals, I am an Irish person and I got this from my people we have always done this for health, the quarts draws out the negative and turns it into positive, I think, plus it magnafieing the earth's resonance, I also have the schumann resonance witch I play passively day and night find it realy calming.
    Love your house, just discovered your videos. You know if you see pictures in Ireland we have giant granite stones all round us, that's our orgone energy ⚡ from celtic times, I even have them in my sitting room bedroom, realy great for positive health.
    Best wishes brett, hope that's your name.

  5. Thanks for showing information.
    My own working design is :aluminium plate(AL)–>2 small LED back to back(allow e flow both directions)—>very low current fast fuse—>plug into grounding socket. Done! Larger the AL plate attached on my butt, the better grounding; LED fiction out appliance electric noise to light, more LEDs connected in parallel and bit in series, better protection against those noise. LED can also detect connection problem and EM pollution level!
    If too much appliance electric noise , create a grounding uself.

  6. In my experience, electromagnetic pollution surround your home can cause sleepless, sensitive to noise, arthritis; anger or other radical emotion; nightmare; circulation or web system restless (e.g. blood vessel=hypertension, nerve system=psycho-effect, ).
    After I grounded myself, I experienced good sleep; good & clear dream; noise-resistant sleep; more emotion/temper control; more relaxed; better body/mind performance; body joint pain gone; etc.

  7. Help, I am lost. Did you say you connected the black negative to a ground and then touch the red one with your fingers? Is it always the procedure? And please, to what position did you adjust the button on the volt meter? There is so many measure units….

  8. I live with my sister. My bedroom is right where her Smart Meter is. I have been getting sicker and sicker, fatter and fatter. I can't sleep and I always have a buzzing in my head. Nothing I can do. She says I'm crazy. RF from her Smart Meter doesn't exist. She also doesn't believe that her Smart TV is emitting high RF. She doesn't think Chemtrails, GMO's, etc. exist either. We live in Las Vegas. I can't afford to move. She's ready to have me committed…and I'm the crazy one! She weighs about 300 lbs. and is on 23 medications and thinks her health is great. Sheesh!

  9. If you ground yourself, all the "static dirty electricity" will flow through your silver blanket on the path of least resistance. This seems counter-intuitive as it will be VERY close to you. Anyone care to explain?

  10. you know, I feel terrible now, I am a vegan, and a couple years ago I was shopping for a mattress…. I was experiencing a lot of chest pains and I wanted to do something good for my heart, I thought getting a proper mattress would be good but I knew they were full of VOC (pretty sure that's the right term)

    point is, the best looking mattress had a wool cover on it, it was an avocado mattress, I thought to my self…. sorry sheep… I don't want to die early I want to fix my problem… and I felt so awful… spent like $1,100 and went against my vegan ways… ultimately for nothing, because..

    I found out about EMF's and grounding a month ago… I got some grounding mats, and my chest pains have disappeared completely…

    Watching your video now I'm almost tempted to sell my mattress, I've been messing around with an AM radio and I know the effect the springs in my mattress can have, it's very interesting, and very conductive of those EMF's…

    dno how I'll continue from here but, thanks for your video man, and anyone reading this comment, don't ever give in like I did… fuck pain and misery and suffering (in terms of the animals who endure it for our bullshit products…), don't pay people to harm animals for your benefit… can't believe I did that shit.

  11. Hey! Cool video, very informative, I really appreciate it. Can you tell me where you got the conductive fabric? I am also considering getting some copper screen/mesh. Its basically what you use for screen door or workday just copper for conductivity. Do you have any recommendations if that would work or not. It says it good for large/equal distribution.

  12. I wouldn't recommend you to connect yourself to the earth point of the mains wiring. If one of the household appliances has bad insulation or has a leakage current through the earth…God Bless You.
    If you want it for connecting yourself, make a dedicated earthing only for yourself. A metal plumbing pipe will be much safer. You don't need a zero ohm connection.
    Don't rely on GFI or RCCBs, they do fail.

  13. From my research inflammation is the accumulation of electrons and these electrons are also static charge that is built up when we experience inflammation and we get rid of electrons and inflammation when we ground our bodies to the earth.

  14. What about the dirty electricity the power company's send back through the ground to the station? They have been doing this for about 25 years. Anyway a guy tested the ground even in areas seemingly away from the power grid and found high levels of dirty electricity. I need to find out more because I know grounding is awesome but can be harmful because of GWEN and regular power company practices. Can you help?

  15. Thank you so much for this video! Couple questions…Would aluminum tape be a no-no? Also do you need to buy the conductive thread or can you use copper wire or something else? Trying to use what I have until I can buy recommended products. I know nothing about all this, just now learning. Thank u!

  16. actually u need good healthy fats in body about 70 percent fat 20 percent protein, 10 percent carbs, too many vegs not good for body and only some good for ya, we were meant to be omnivores kinda, more meat then vegs, back in the day it was meat, nuts, little bit fruits, they probably ate grasses too, some vegs not good for a person, good vid though im going to be do grounding too im limiting my wifi and such, drinking alkaline water

  17. I'm no electrical engineer but if you are grounding yourself to earth ground aren't you are also tying yourself electrically into the electrical grid which has a potiental to earth ground as well as creating a path for lightning to flow to earth ground. I've heard of people being struck by lightning being in a shower or on a landline phone in their homes during a storm.

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