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How to Saute Free-Range Chicken | JabarPos Media

Sauteed meat is often regarded as the most flavorful. Here are some top sauteeing tips from ButcherBox’s Head Chef, Yankel Polak, as he cooks up some Sauteed Organic Chicken Breasts with Vegetables.

Cooking fats – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grass-Fed Clarified Butter (Ghee); ButcherBox’s Organic Chicken Breasts (sliced up), 1 Onion (julienned), Snow Peas, Carrots (Shaved), Chicken Broth.

1. Place the stainless steel pan on the stove top and let it heat up.
2. Add the Ghee to the pan and let it heat up further. Add the sliced chicken breasts to the pan and saute to achieve caramelization. Season with Salt and Pepper.
3. Sauteeing is all about moving the items in the pan so make sure you’re either following the “bring forward – flick back” method that is demonstrated, or you’re constantly stirring the items in the pan.
Once the chicken has achieved a fair amount of caramelization, remove it from the pan, add some more ghee and add the vegetables to the pan.
4. De-glaze the pan with some chicken stock, and stir around to mix all the items. Re-season with some more salt and pepper.
5. Let cook for at least a minute once the stock is added.
6. Garnish with chopped parsley.

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