How To Restore Headlights In Under 10 minutes! | JabarPos Media

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How To Restore Headlights In Under 10 minutes! | JabarPos Media

Headlight restoration is an easy, and profitable job in the auto detailing world, and the quicker a detailer can effectively restore a pair of headlights, the more profitable he/she becomes! In this video, I share how to quickly restore headlights, while getting the same results as the next guy who spends way too much time overthinking it! When detailers are dealing with yellowed, cloudy, and marred headlights, sometimes more extreme measures have to be taken! Here I share how I use more aggressive sandpaper on really foggy headlights, in order to quickly and efficiently restore, saving necessary time, and getting great results! Follow along, and learn how to save time when restoring your customer’ headlights!

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  1. Click Bait crap again –10 minute video for 30 seconds of bullshit.  You cannot restore headlights if the yellowing occurs on the inside of the light.  No way to open the light up.

  2. Ya sorry but this just won’t last. In 3 months those lights will be yellow again unless you constantly apply a sealant with good uv protection. The factory clear coat on polycarbonate headlights is extremely high in UV inhibitors. The only way to truly “restore” headlights is to remove the yellowing/oxidation and reapply something similar to the factory coating. For this, the best solution is a UV cured coating specifically formulated for headlight plastics. Not exactly an inexpensive solution but it lasts for years and years. Plus, you don’t have to sand or polish nearly as much as uv cured products generally only require 2 sanding steps or less.

  3. Im not a big fan of clearcoat since I will be seeing this customers car often, which means by applying synthetic sealant, that way I can charge more often for applying sealant than I would be able to with clearcoat!

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