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How to make the perfect pie crust | JabarPos Media

Paula Haney, owner of Hoosier Mama Pie Company, demonstrates the steps for how to create a delicious, beautiful pie crust. For more video, visit, subscribe to this channel, or follow us @TribVideo.

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  1. Ma'am, I would never believe you could kneed a pie crust and my crusts were always crumbly patch- works. Your way really worked and for once, I had a pie crust that I could work with and it was light and flaky too when it was cooked! Thank you!

  2. The perfect solution to getting the butter properly combined with the flour is to put both the butter and the flour mixture in the freezer for about 30 minutes, Then GRATE the butter into the cold flour and continue with what dough you are making, but the absolute key is to keep the butter COLD!

  3. I had difficulty working out the quantity of butter. The list says 9 tblsp of butter but it's chilled so how on earth can you work out a quantity from that. I tried guessing but the pastry melted in the oven !! Back to the drawing board for me !

  4. Hay pipe. Q leponen un montond azucar d una conosida. Y yo unavez aprove y q bueno q dioz me adado algo q tacte q cienta. Q sepa exacto sies buen omala yo tengo eso muy raro pero es para elbien se loq daña y nodaña o esbien ala salud pues aprove y luego sentu queno hoy endia cuantas noestan o tiene la diabety o padesen d altaprecion yo estoy bien gracias adioz p cat tar atienpo. Elpan o pipe o podtre nunca debe deser dulse muy dulse o extra psarse. Las cosas son dulse y todabia le agrgan mucha azucar eso es nosaber loq causa o lo hasen d e hadrede o por nosaber p ero unas q comian viven acuerdense. Estan bien ono. Lodulse muy exajerado es veneno normal ni nimuy. Esbien p d duoz

  5. Enjoyed seeing the mixing of a pie crust in the processor. I tried this approach and recipe. Liked the texture of my crust. But. . . there is waaaay too much salt in this recipe. To me, it ruined the taste of the crust, particularly on the rolled ends.

  6. Great demonstration – thank you. A bit confused about how much butter to use in total. 9 table spoons + 5 table spoons in total??? You cut up 1 + 1/8 stick of butter and then you said split the butter – but you put it all in and then added another 5 table spoons. It would also be easier to go by weight as a stick of butter is not same the world over.

  7. Looks great ! But the very best pie crust in my neck of the woods is a lard crust. And it is very flaky also .We use vinegar and real cold lard. But half the salt and very little or if any sugar.

  8. If you want to soften your butter after taken out from the fridge, microwave it for 10 sec. turn it then another 5 sec it's perfectly soft. Don't forget to cover it when you put the butter in the microwave.

  9. Thank you so much for not holding anything back! I don't know you, but you are amazing! Thank you for the pie crust recipe. I do not bake, but now I want to try baking a pie. 🙂 – Thank you!

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