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How to Make Money with Dungeons and Dragons Legally | JabarPos Media

Do you want to self-publish material for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and make money with D&D? This video will teach you how the OGL, SRD, the DMsGuild and how Kickstarter work with D&D 5e, so you can create without getting sued!

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  1. So I am working on my world for D&D and looking at selling it. I want add a complete or as complete of list of spells as possible, is there a way to say "hey this is from PHB this spell can be found in Volo's" or is the players just going to have to know or more over am I just going to have list all the spells Descriptions in the book.

  2. So I have been writing several settings for 5e D&D. If I decided to monetize them how can I set them up fairly but still make them recognizable to clients that “this is for the game we play”?

  3. I looked through some of the comments but not all so if I'm asking a question that was already asked I apologize. I am wondering where a live play of a game would fit within the legal realm. such as what Critical Role, HyperRPG, Geek&Sundry, and other such channels do. As I have been considering putting up VODs or just podcasts of games I run this is something I've started looking into but so far haven't found much on and would appreciate direction if it can be provided.

  4. If I were to create homebrew spells for d&d would I need to avoid Trade Dress with the way they layout its duration, casting time, and if its V,S,M and the like? How do you, personally, homebrew a spell to avoid legal issues if you were to create one?

  5. Got the book in kickstarter. Ultimately it's a great book though I have heard some complaints from my local players and other DMs, most complaints on the Dragon Rider class being broken (i assume it was more intended to be an advanced class though).
    The humanoid Dragon race had a few confusing things and stuff I would have done differently but still a cool and well thought idea.
    LOVE the art and the explaining dragon parts in alchemy and magic ingredients.
    Like said, few complaints but ultimately a great book and worth the money

  6. Hi there! This is a topic that's been on my mind for a little while now. As someone who has helped work on published content, maybe you can offer me some advice? I've been thinking a lot lately about trying to publish an RPG book for a fantasy setting I've been working on for a few years now, and one of the biggest questions I've been trying to figure out is how I should go about it.

    A part of me thinks it would be awesome to try and get my own system developed and tested for the book, so that I would have something completely my own to publish. But, thinking realistically, I am an incredibly long way off from being able to achieve a goal of that scope, especially without any sort of dedicated team to help make it happen. Not to mention, it would be another small option among who knows how many competitors in the market.

    On the other hand, there's the path of publishing my setting as a sourcebook for adventures in an existing system, with 5E being one of the better candidates. Not gonna lie, the thought of trying to properly navigate the copyright landscape for something like that is intimidating, but I can't help wondering if piggybacking on a popular system like this might be the better option for trying to market my setting, on top of saving time and effort that would have gone into building a new game system.

    Whether or not I used 5E as a basis, I would still have a lot of work on my hands to make all of this happen, and that's only considering the development side. My setting is meant to have its own collection of races that I've spent some years crafting, and I'd likely have to rework most of the classes or build my own entirely, as the setting uses a magic system very different from D&D. Aspects like that make me think that putting together my own system would honestly be the better way to go, but it's admittedly quite daunting.

    If you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on this? Is it worth navigating the hurdles to publish a 5E game that might overwrite a lot of its rules anyway, to save time and energy, and possibly reach a larger audience? Or should I worry less about these things, and go the full effort for making something unique, even if it might be a far more challenging, time-consuming, and risky project?

  7. If I were writing an adventure module for 5e that was intended for a kickstarter or private publication, would I be breaking any of these rules if I mentioned the names of monsters in the Monster Manual or Volo's Guide along with page numbers? Example: "There are two gricks [MM pg. 173] hiding beneath trapdoors in this room." I have seen this done in modules published on the DMs Guild. And if this does break some rules, is there a legal way to reference material that is not in the SRD in a private publication?

  8. Thanks for using the word sexy, I too am a slightly overweight ginger on the internet who talks about DND all the time with no social awareness, it's nice to know it's ok to use the word sexy when describing something that has nothing to do with sexual reproduction. I will make sure to use that describing word every chance I get then wink a bunch.

  9. So, we have to become photographers, painters, and graphic artists. Gotcha.

    I'm sort of there, but still have a long way to go. At least I've got writing and editing down. Oh I guess i need legal to help me file a copyright.

  10. Cody, First, welcome back! Always great to see your videos.

    So, one Fair Use fail I had, is that many things like say… Beethoven's 5th… Not available to be copy righted in and of itself. However, the performance of the material can be. This almost bit me in the arse when I was actively creating videos.

  11. 19:10 I always wonder how people think something like that would work. I mean, the exact reason you are wanting to use that image is why you are not able to use it. So any "loophole" you think up that would potentially allow you to use the image is necessarily going against the spirit of the laws surrounding fair use. If you think the image of the sorcerer looks cool, well yeah that's why WotC paid an artist thousands of dollars to create it and that's what gives them the legal right to control how it is used.

  12. I had to go through all this when I wrote and published my first book. It is really not that hard to change a critter just enough to avoid issues and to look up a critter you want to use and see that it was around centuries ago.
    In fact, Kolbold was the critter I used in a conversation between three characters who were talking about them.
    Change their appearance and if you give them a name at all, don't use one owned by someone else.
    That being said, I've had to file about 15 copy-write complaints against web site around the world for selling my books.

  13. I live in Louisiana. For my local game store’s Mardi Gras one shot day, I wrote an adventure set in Ravnica involving a Rakdos parade going insane. Is Ravnica available in the DMsguild? I think my one shot would be fun to try and sell.

  14. THIS WAS AWESOME <— yelling with delight :). Thanks for this and man am I killing the fair use policy on ClosetGeek… but so small I doubt I am in the cross hairs of anyone :). So the D&D logo – is that impacted by fair use? Thanks!

  15. Mmm sounds like grounds for breach of contract and destruction of property lawsuit (the former owners seeing as you bought the house in its prior condition not what you finally got it in) in my opinion.

  16. I know that this is off topic to the video but I’m playing a totem barbarian at level 7 that took bear then eagle. I feel out party is struggling with every battle our dm is throwing at us. It’s not that the fights are to hard, it’s because our squishy damage dealers keep getting hit instead of me. Anyone got any tips? Also I’m basically our only melee character and we just struggled with a bunch of monsters surrounding us. Anyone got any tips for that?

    Also my Instagram is kermit_sexy_time if you rather just DM me

  17. There is an easy way available to instantly copy the look of official d&d sourcebooks which is what i believe the guys who would have broken trademark rules used. I dont wanna mention the name here just in case, but people in the know will have thought the same thing. So they could probably have put the text into some other site or a word doc and then be completely fine.

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