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How to Make an ATM Spew Out Money | JabarPos Media

Barnaby Jack, director of security testing at the computer security company IOActive, demonstrates how to hack an ATM to make it dispense money.

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  1. ~LIES~
    If ANY of this was true- the people who make and design the programs for the circut boards in them would all be rich- And most repairmen.- AND this would have been going on since the 1970s.

  2. 🤔 this guy crazy as hell you can walk into a machine like that and open it up in broad daylight man get the hell out of here with that crap how you going to beat that telling machine unless you open it up and broad daylight you stupid dummy who's going to do that if people is looking at you hey, with that bull crap🤔 what you showing people they have to open that machine up in broad daylight man is you crazy you doing too much of that crack doing too much of that speed💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😈😈


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  4. 🤔 I know damn well this kid don't think nobody stupid in order for you to do all of that got to be an inside job or you got to take that machine outside that's a fast way to go to prison for the rest of your natural life👉👮👮👮🚔🚔

    If I were going to do Summers fucking stupid is that better off Robin the damn Bank stick up give me the damn money don't make it a murder I'll be going to jail for something not bull shitt oh no I didn't mean don't tell them machines are bulshit best Federal time baby all the way to the door you got to do day-for-day y'all see where R Kelly at don't you the feds got him 😎✋💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵🔫

  5. I worked in the JAG office in the US Navy and we had some brig guys over one day doing some work and one of them told us that if you spray water into the dollar insert on a vending machine it will spit out quarters. Lol. So we tried it with the vending machine down the hall. Low and behold IT WORKED. There's just one problem—you can't stop it from spitting out quarters. We heard 2 of the officers from upstairs coming down and here we are, all 3 of us, standing there with a double handful of quarters. We had to come up with a lie really quick. 😅 They made it to the bottom of the stairs and looked straight at us. The machine had just stopped dumping quarters. I had a handkerchief in my back pocket that I pulled out (after I dumped the quarters in my front pocket) and told him we were cleaning the machine and accidentally sprayed cleaner into the dollar insert and it went crazy spitting out quarters. He said "Gimme the bottle." I was sure we were busted. He took the bottle and sprayed more cleaner into the machine. LMFAO it started up spitting quarters again. We robbed all the quarters outta that machine. This officer right along with us.

  6. i get notes from this supply and it beats the ATM machine was shocked when it went through a couple of times and didnt believe him when he told me but i took the risk and its paying off.check him on whatsapp+447520636675 IG johnwayne3195

  7. I was hoping he was gonna show us some simple trick like walkin' up to the machine, giving his fist a blow and tapping on the side of it like the "Fonz" would with the jukebox.

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