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How to Learn a New Skill Quickly: A 4-Step Process | JabarPos Media

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Learning and mastering new skills is, in itself, a skill. A meta-skill, if you will. If you can break down the process and work through each step more effectively, you can speed up the entire process by a lot.

In this week’s video, we’ll go over a 4-step process you can use to learn anything in a very short amount of time.

I’ll also share five additional tips for improving specific parts of that process.

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Additional resources:

“The First 20 Hours” by Josh Kaufman:
Simon Sinek’s TED talk:

(more to come when the companion article is finished)


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  1. Thanks. Could be useful for the hardest subject of all (harder than Math, Algebra, physics, philosophy): programming (coz' it's a combination of all that and more). God bless, Proverbs 31

  2. Whoooooa Thomas! I watch your video out of curiosity and my class on Skillshare shows up @6.58 thank you so much for taking it and ….I hope you enjoyed it somehow and learned something about AE 🙂 Wish you best of luck with anything you learn!

  3. Thomas. I found your channel couple weeks ago during my preparation to take the TOEFL exam. I’m now your fan. Congratulations for the content and for the inspiring person you’re. Thank you so much for share your knowledge. Greetings from São Paulo – Brazil.

  4. Thanks for the tips.. but can we practice all of the skills that we want in one day? I mean, can our brain handle that kind of practice or is it a waste of time?? For example, I want to learn trumpret, piano and programming.(just for example).

  5. Thanks Man
    I've just started a new job and learning a new skill is a must there and the problem is that theres only 1 person doing what I have to manage and also they are transferring the skill to someoneelse while they are actually doing the job is its online and needed almost urgently everyday AND I'm trying to learn a the same time without disturbing much the work flow.😏

    Your explanation has helped me to understand the steps and to realize what I have to do👊🏾

  6. Thomas would you please consider doing a video on how to be a better speaker? You mentioned you went through hours of intense sessions in the process of becoming such a good public speaker, you must have had some techniques you stuck to?


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