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How to Kill Freddy Krueger | NowThis Nerd | JabarPos Media

To keep you safe this Halloween, Kya Quinn is going to give you a crash course on how to kill Freddy Krueger.
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The legendary A Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise, created by director Wes Craven, set a new standard for surreal, nightmare horror. That’s mostly thanks to its star, played by Robert Englund: Freddy Krueger. The bastard son of a hundred maniacs, Freddy Krueger kills his victims in their dreams, leading to some extremely creepy deaths and buckets of blood and gore. The Springwood Slasher made his reputation as a mortal man, terrorizing the kids of Elm Street with his sinister bladed Freddy Krueger glove. But there wouldn’t be Nightmare on Elm Street movies about a standard mortal serial killer, so Freddy got a major power upgrade after he was killed by the vengeful parents of his victims. The Dream Demons brought him back to life, and gave him the power to kill teenagers in their sleep. That’s the premise of the first Nightmare on Elm Street film, a creepy, scary slasher film by director Wes Craver. Robert Englund brings a maniacal edge to the gory Freddy Krueger rampage, and his first Nightmare on Elm Street movie would be followed by many more Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street Sequels.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: The Dream Child, Freddy Krueger possesses the body of a teenager named Jesse, who goes on a killing spree in Freddy’s image. Freddy is destroyed by the power of love, but he would return in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. There, he’s killed by burying his bones on holy ground, but the gory rampage would continue with A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. After he’s killed by a simple nursery rhyme, Freddy Krueger returns in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. In this one, he’s killed by an evil, creepy kid who sucks the souls out of Freddy Krueger’s body and turns him back into an infant. Freddy Krueger returns for Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, which actually kills Freddy Krueger for a long time. However, Freddy would return in Freddy vs. Jason, where Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees fight. The Freddy Jason fight is definitely a highlight of the movie, but probably not for Freddy, since he loses and gets his head sliced off by a machete.

Finally, we’ve come to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which isn’t technically Freddy Krueger. Instead, it’s a supernatural demon who takes the form of Freddy, who is just a classic horror movie slasher in the world of New Nightmare. Still, if you want to take him down, your best bet is to trap him in an oven, Hansel and Gretel style. In the Nightmare on Elm Street remake from 2010, it wasn’t actually all that difficult to kill Freddy Krueger. You just have to pull Freddy Krueger out of the Dream World and into reality, then you can kick his ass. Time will tell if we ever see another Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, but if we do, I’m sure the enterprising heroes and heroines will find some other clever solution to the question of how to kill Freddy Krueger.

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  1. I wont get killed because I dont sleep drink a ton of tea and coffee not scared easily think everything is a joke and ask him where did he get the costume because I LOVE halloween

  2. You know whats a total mind f**k
    When you are in the real world and you have nightmare about freddy
    You know he isn't real but in the Dream you can't take that chance. You second guess at every turn. You're terrified and sometimes dream you will forget he is fake and you are running for your life. Luckily when I dreamt of him I was the Final Guy in the dream so got to kill freddy haha but it will mess with your head.

  3. Bringing him into the real world doesn't kill him He always comes back after that. I believe they screwed up the cannon with that one. So far the only real way is forgetting him. But you don't have to forget him you can just not be scared and convince the world not to be scared. A better way is READY FOR THIS How to kill Freddy forever: MAKE MEMES OUT OF HIM Thts it, make him into a joke. THAT is the one true way to kill him! NO fear NO Freddy! And this day in age No one would be scared of him. Everyone would say oh my God you're that meme and say the meme. Freddy would be like Wtf?

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