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How to Fall Asleep Faster | JabarPos Media

Do you dream of having a restful night? From sleep-inducing snacks to counting sheep, Dr. Oz reveals his favorite tips and tricks for getting to sleep faster.

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  1. The 9th with M.c, vis-a-vis”

    ‘Can’t sleep be like music-maths. Music be flow. Math be structure. A reflected [L]ayperson I now speak.

    Music invokes feelings, flowing in body or played in mind. Math demands an answer, alone, mirrored or combined – 0123456789 – vis-a-vis. Two paths – frustration or relief, fail or fitting.

    I look to structure too discover, closing off two paths, to a third path with music played.

    I see those numbers changing with the music I play. The numbers dance, to music on the 3rd path we take.

    There, we’re free, from anxiety of turning right or wrong. We find our love of music as varied as the letters in the alphabet, from A 2 Z(zzzzz).

    I know not how we arrived to combine such letters-to-words-together.

    But It’s good to wonder with flow and structure, with Einstein and Beethoven intwined in mind.

    The 9th with M.c, vis-a-vis.

    Sleep now, sleep well. Sleep the darkest night. Dim the light shining on you bright.

    My wonder…goodnight, goodnight – – goodnight.’

    [written by Rick-Norm 10/03/2019 03:01]

  2. Had to slap my brother during the night for yelling before he went to sleep and this nigga had the audacity to say it helps him sleep better! I'm sure my fist in his face will help him sleep better

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  8. stupid techniques… if a person works during a day and eat healthy he will sleep but if he don't work and just stay at home doing nothing it will be hard as their body is in realx mode all in daytime

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