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How To Cook Jollof Rice | Ivonne Ajayi | JabarPos Media

Nigerian Jollof Rice | Rice cooked in a delicious blend of tomatoes and peppers.

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  1. I’m going to use Jasmine Rice, it probably cooks the same. Just wish the recipe gave the measurements of the seasonings you used and then we’d just add more if we wanted. Anyhow, thanks for the recipe. PS FOR PEOPLE CURIOUS: 4 mugs = 4 cups

  2. I’m a UAE born, Canada living, Indian-Filipina and I’m making this tomorrow! So excited. I love cooking and learning new recipes and I love learning about cultures & foods from around the globe. 🙂 thanks for sharing

  3. I’m a Belizean but had many Nigerian coworkers while living in Houston and they introduced me to this rice and I love it ever since but when I ask them to teach me how to make it they would go home and make it and bring me a whole container so I have for days and I eat everyday till it finish…I will surely try your recipe as I love the step by step instructions…will come back and tell you how mine came out…

  4. We cooked this today and gosh it is so yummy!! I didnt have red bell peppers so i used green one and for chilli taste i used bottled jalapenos. I also didnt have all purpose seasoning but i had most of the seasonigs that was needed for the mix so i made my own seasoning mix using oregano powder, salt, black pepper, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, a bit of sugar, basil powder, dried cilantro powder and cayenne powder. And also instead of tomato puree i used tomato which basically gave the same taste!

  5. Interesting recipe. I'm sure that if I were cooking it, i would make some not_so_subtle changes. The use of the blender is something I wasn't aware of ( then again when i used to cook it, i used a couple of cans of tomato paste and i think i cut my peppers as small as possible ). I like the idea of adding chicken stock and thyme ( i might use ground thyme ). The other major thing is i might not 'wash' the rice as much or as long as you would. I guess I'm different like that. Thx 4 posting

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