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How to clean asparagus – cooking tutorial | JabarPos Media

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The asparagus is eaten worldwide and can be prepared and served in a number of ways: learn how to clean them with Sonia on the cooking tutorial by YellowSaffron!


The asparagus is a tasty spring vegetable, whose soft green tip is fully edible, while part of the stem must be removed.
Let’s see how to clean them.
To see if the asparagus are fresh, check that the tips are firm and compact
With a knife, cut off the woody part of the stem, that is white and tough.
With a knife or a peeler, peel away the tough green outer layer to the tip.
To ensure an even cooking time, hold them steady with your hand and trim the ends off.
Do not throw the ends away, since they may be used in other preparations.
With a kitchen string, tie the asparagus into a bunch.
The pot for cooking the asparagus is called asparagus steamer: it’s a tall narrow pot, with a wire basket which holds the asparagus upright.
Fill the steamer up to here and place the asparagus in. Leave the tips outside the water: in this way they’ll gently steam.

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  1. @mikish23 If you don't have an asparagus steamer you can substitute with a tall narrow pot, that keeps the asparagus upright and leaves the tips outside the water to steam.

  2. In the introduction part of the video, after the chopping of the cucumber, what is that dish that gets cut in half? it looks tasty. I think they are eggs, but how did they turn out that way?

  3. @yellowsaffron But how do you get the white on both the top and bottom? The yolk always floats when i fry an egg.

    Am i just seeing things that arent there?… i am replaying that part again and again…

  4. @oberoivarun It's just turned over, probably the top is yellow.

    But I find my yolk is usually hidden because the trick to frying a good egg without having to flip it is to fry it until it's almost done, then cover it with a lid for a few seconds until the top cooks. It's really effective!

  5. I was new to asparagus. So u made it with the woody part & told my husband its a new vegetable. Lol. Finally i know where i was missing out. My poor darling hubby believed me. Tx sonia il make it again.

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