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How To Build A Home Studio For Under $350 – | JabarPos Media

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Want to know how to build a home studio for under $350? This video will cut through hype and give you specific recommendations on what gear you need and why.

From audio interfaces, to DAW software, to microphones, headphones/speakers, and everything in between I give you a complete studio setup you can use to make a killer home studio – all for under $350.

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  1. thanks!! so this means I can just buy and use focusrite and I can loop any sound with it? how could I make electric sounds after that without more equipment? could I manage everything in garage band for example?? when would I need a drum machine and a synth/piano?

  2. I'm sorry sir….. But you DO NEED a good running computer. I7 is THE least you will need to run a BEGINNER'S studio. I've just recently went that theory, and I had to upgrade my computer.

  3. FYI – the C01 is also a fantastic LIVE sound mic.  I use it at church for small to medium size groups.  They have a wide pickup pattern and still sound good when used a distance from the source.  They also are capable of very high sound levels before the dreaded feedback occurs.  One thing though… always set them up (live sound or otherwise) BELOW the source and have them tilted upward.  On a mini (six inch) stand in front of a small children's choir, they pick up great and can't really be seen.  Can't say enough about these fantastic mics.

  4. Totally useless information unless you have a soundproof Room to do all this.
    I have been playing and recording since windows 98 1st came out. Bought all high end equipment back then still use the same equipment get the same results as friends that spent a lot of money and are novice. But the one thing they never considered is background noise of kids, dogs trucks, etc…..that all effects the music.
    If you're just getting started good luck on editing out the background noise.
    Still rocking creative labs sound blaster platinum live 5.1 Dolby on windows 98 with every input that is still being used today.
    And no Internet connection or Wi-Fi no fear of anybody getting at my music.
    Invest in a song proof Rome that keeps noise out and keeps sound in that is your best option.

  5. Are Bluetooth headphones out of the equation? Can I just use my AirPods for now? Or if I buy beats studio3s? ooorrr do I buy ones with wires like the ones shown in this vid ?

  6. yo bro ………..i always trip om these imfommercials ….fisrt pruduct you recommend/endorsed by for @ 110 bucks ..taxes in calif we have …but ..i found this old motorola bluetooth thing-A-maa-jig in an old box of weird things i dont know what most of it does ….but i save that shit ..anyways .its a motorola DC800 blutooth transceiver…….it has four RCA connectors ..two in two out that i plug into any mixer that has RCA connectors ..or you can use adapters for connecting to 1 1/4 cables or whatever ….im able to use analog to record guitars vocals .which i love the analog unperfect processed sound and it blutooths back to what ever im using to record phone or laptop or even this old reel to reel i have that i just plugged in another DC800 and still able to use all the online bells and whistles i could want ….and yes the recording sound cool …cause i still have all the options and more this way ..i just looked them up from motorola new is 100 bucks …used is about 60 bucks …last time i checked they were about 15 bucks used …lol ..ive had it awhile …must be making a come back ……lol …

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