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How to be Smart in a World of Users | JabarPos Media

In this video, you’re going to learn how to turn red flags into deal-breakers so you can repel narcissists like an invisible shield.

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  1. Nothing but the truth, very informative. We've been taught wrong about these things but now we know better thanks to people like you Kim❤. Love from South Africa ❤😊

  2. How dare you tell someone else what to eat. You have no right to tell someone else what to believe or think or what to say or eat or how to dress or what to like. You could tell them what music to enjoy what kind of art to like or if they should like art at all. If you can’t except them as they are then piss off.How about you do you. Let other people be themselves. They are also not allowed to tell you what to think or feel or lake. Can’t we all just get along? If you try to force me to be a vegan you can piss off right now.

  3. Omg!!! 1000% accurate. Stop doing nice things for them and take everything u can get from them(mine was nice dinners out, expensive tickets to sporting events, etc) …then dump them. At least u get something back from them. 🤣 mine was sneaking around behind my back and doing many other nasty things..he had no idea I knew….so I stopped doing anything for him and just took then discarded. Sometimes u have to play the fool to the fool who thinks they're fooling you!#truth

  4. Thank u for it channel and putting the word out how these ppl think, strategize, and everything else that goes hand in hand with these ppl who are a difficult to say the least to live with and be around.Seems like narcissist are coming out of the woodwork's more n more these days🤔Bless u and all u do!

  5. While pulling not one but two narcissists off of me, I’m guilty of the “emotional drive by.” I was looking for external validation of a problem that is mostly internal and occurred in private between me and my narcs. The Book of Job comes to mind here. His neighbors could only guess at why his troubles beset him and were mostly incorrect in their advice. My shrink and my Higher Power were really my only aids. Oh, and the wonderfully helpful work of Kim Saeed’s that helped me frame what help I needed.

  6. I completely agree with your counsel to make a list of deal breakers. However, if someone crosses those lines, I have found that it is probably a part of their character (not a random misstep) and one should move on instead of sharing their list of deal breakers (and making oneself more vulnerable) to the person who's crossed those boundaries. Because basically & unfortunately, I have found, in my experience, that is WHO THEY ARE and who they are CONTENT to be… it ends up being another unbalanced relationship. Sadly, many times we are happier for a while being in an unbalanced relationship because we are lonely, but it goes south and we wonder how we got there again. 😕 I think it is important to commit to being loyal to our own dealbreakers, and that it is better to be alone with peace than to be with anyone in turmoil, for the sake of being with someone.
    Far too many children are being raised without understanding reciprocation and compassion in relationships , so they end up being takers. Even something as simple as manners has been cast aside in our culture, for the most part. People are not taught self-respect anymore and therefore they don't have any to give to those around them.
    That leaves those of us who are born givers in a very difficult situation. Don't give up hope on having a healthy relationship – just be sure your priority is to:
    DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO CREATE A HEALTHY YOU AND PROTECT THAT! 💜 You matter and your kindness makes a difference

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