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How to be Productive While Traveling | Robin Sharma | JabarPos Media

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  1. How can I put thousands of likes 👍to this video? What you explain here is exactly what I follow every time I travel. Love it ! Robin, you rock ! I rally ant to see you live asap!

  2. Another great one! Lots of powerful nuggets here – Look forward to improving my habits thanks to these tips. Loved the ideas about travel and productivity.. I guess the important word you used is to commit to those decisions and that's how it will come about. Many thanks for your inspiration! 🙂

  3. Just on the travelling and keeping fit tip; Every successful athlete I'm subscribed to will aim to have a workout within a few hours of landing because they swear by it. – jet lag or not.

  4. I don't know how to keep the conversation going with strangers. Whenever I make an attempt to start a conversation with strangers, most of the time they only answer the questions asked. So, the conversation does take place naturally. Sometimes, i don't know what to ask?

  5. Really? why spoil the poor desert with salt and ketchup? I want to see the face of the one next to you or the stewardess when she takes the plate. Why not just ask if someone wants it or just leave it in front of you and be aware not to eat it – can be a test of not giving in, that way you are kind in offering and if nobody wants it you strengthen your willpower. 😉 (btw kindness and willpower comes up in many of your other sessions) And whats with the expensive hotel rooms and taking a personal trainer and a massage therapist with you???, I was listening to many episodes but apperently your channel is intended only for the super rich??? I always like simple hotel rooms just a comfortable bed and a shower, that way I spend most of my time exploring beauty outside and not a room. I liked every session until this one.

  6. Some of our beloved human create false information why they say false only 2% follow 98% not follow if thouse who cannot follow the instructions they will fail at their body is not hear in the soul when you go to somewhere you shock at heart fail or during days cancer attack for some time you will fail in your views suddenly your body fail in your life in shortly do all exercises rich or poor not in criteria human body any where equal on Earth human no one have three hands if it have they are in fail designing his body that is not count 2% is not correct 98% is correct information.yshk viswanathamMsc Bed.

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