How to be more PRODUCTIVE…without doing MORE! | JabarPos Media

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How to be more PRODUCTIVE…without doing MORE! | JabarPos Media

Here’s the keynote class I gave for the online I Am Mom Summit recently! I’m sharing 3 of my top tips for increasing productivity, WITHOUT doing more and burning out. Learn more at, use the code IAMMOM for 15% off!
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  1. This is great. Is there a reason you don’t keep a digital to-do list as well? I like paper too but wouldn’t that be more efficient?If so, what digital to-do list app would you recommend?

  2. Can you put this on the T-shirt? Or a poster? Alarm list is the principal I’ve been living by but you put it so beautifully that I think my family will understand ❤️ Do what you need to do more affectively so you can do what you want to do it more frequently

  3. Totally going to try your approach. I have seen so many videos & read so many diff articles w/ tips & advice, but this is the I’m excited to put into practice. Need to watch your utter video since I do work full-time. Thx😊

  4. I have been trying to figure out how to block schedule effectively. I am a full time employee for the school district. I also work real estate and I have a step daughter who is with me and my husband every other week. My days tend to be crazy and at times on the fly so I have to be really flexible. How do I schedule for that?

  5. omg I thought I'm the only one who uses number 3 !! Every morning I put make my coffee in the microwave on 2min and in those 2min I wash my face brush my teeth and brush my hair

  6. You’re amazing! I never thought of my schedule in these terms. This has been super informative and life changing. I’m sure when my kid gets older she’d thank you too.

  7. I love your videos and everything you do for your family. I have learned so much. I feel more prepared for what's next 😊 I would love to see a video on how to stay consistent with a daily routine with kids and without them I already made my own block schedule but it's been difficult to consistently follow it due more to internal reason than external.

  8. Google Keep works well for To-Do lists, and can be set up with alarms – works well to keep me on track of what I should be doing. I like that I can use it on my laptop and phone and it is FREE.

  9. Love this video! My husband and I have a family calendar and that has worked great. We struggle with knowing what appointment belongs to who. For example, we both go to the same chiropractor. So it’s a struggle to tell who’s appointment it is.

  10. My husband and i have a shared google calendar which eliminates the need to invite each other all the time, it's just there for both of us to see if it's added to that calendar. i have my own personal calendar which i add things he doesn't need to see, and i also have a shared kids calendar with my ex so we can keep track of their activities / moving around between the two houses etc. just make sure you load each thing into the correct calendar (!) and you're good to go. it's a godsend!

  11. Hi Jordan!!! This is a great video. I am a stay at home mom to one preteen child so I am home alone all day, but I feel like I am constantly disappointed in myself because I didn’t get all of my to do’s done. I am definitely going to try this block system!!!

    I love what you said about your garage. I felt the need to comment because I apply the “always leave a place better than you found it” principle. To me, that means when I’m walking to another room, I grab something that goes in that room and put it away, or I pick up one thing every time I get up off of the couch, or make sure I put away the toothpaste when I’m done brushing my teeth, etc… This helps me keep my house picked up or at least makes me feel like I’m accomplishing a little bit here and there.

    Love your channel and love you, you are such a breath of fresh air!

  12. Wow! that was AWESOME Jordan. I love the block system and will be trying out soon. It makes sense. Keep up with your great videos. Your energy is inspiring. Stay blessed

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