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How To Be More Productive | JabarPos Media

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Anyone can learn to be a productive worker. This video discusses 2 ways to do this: working smarter and working harder. Productivity is a key ingredient to earning more money, and a key ingredient to feeling satisfaction with your work.

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  1. That dude must drink a lot of coffee. I've never seen someone move so fast. He put up that walkway in 13 minutes. That would have taken me days to do. Amazing.

  2. i always, always say working harder for the simple fact that you cannot teach people to work hard. I have worked some tough shit jobs as a teenager and i can promise you, you cannot teach a man or woman to work harder but you can teach some1 to work smarter imo.

  3. Repeating a task for the sake of being able to repeat it faster, is not productive. Spending the least amount of time on a given task allows you to accomplish the most amount of tasks, which is productivity.

    Practicing is the opposite of productivity. Unless you measure productivity by skill rather than by an actual completion of a given task.

  4. I work on software which is very different, but is very similar. I see a problem there that your bosses always want you to do several tasks, so there's no time to sit back and think on how to do it better. Sometimes taking longer for one task, will speed 10 other tasks that come from the results of the current one, but it is easier to compromise in the moment that we need this one task and not take the time or make the tool or utility or get the knowledge on how to do it better.
    I never thought about this smarter vs harder. I agree with you, smarter doesn't mean I won't work hard, I will work harder to create something extra, the smart part, to hasten the other tasks.
    It was interesting to hear the thoughts on repeating a task. I have the exact same concept. Most people don't like doing "boring" repetitive tasks. I don't mind them at all, I see them as a challenge and I do try to improve how I do them so that I can get more efficient at doing them.
    Thanks for the video.

  5. I dont see how something like this gets down votes. You're creating, you're safe, you're passing down long standing wholesome food for thought. You're essentially doing the job of any good father or grandfather would be doing and passing along humility, confidence, competence…… how is this down voted? Now I didn't take the time to go through every comment to see if there were 600 + issues with the video, but from what I do see its all positive.

  6. I have a lot to say about this video. I’m handy, but novice handy who does everything one step at a time, one board at time and I have never tried this “assembly line” building. It’s fantastic! I’ve learned a lot. Thank you! (PS – Your voice is pleasing and you’re a good son.)

  7. "Work smart and not hard" is a good expression.
    It depends only how each individual interprets it. Some might take it as doing half-ass job. but some might find doing a jig of some sorts or a makeshift tool to help them faster do a proper job in less time and less hassle.

  8. I don't know how I ended up here, but so glad I did as I'm struggling to finish this programming project. This is exactly what I needed to hear. No point in trying to overthink it, just get it done the best I can while I put in the work.

  9. As per usual, I have the smartest answer. Not to take away from this chap's video. What they mean about working smarter and not harder is this, you take the time to look at your job from all the angles. You ask yourself if you have the most efficient tools for the job. You get sure, real sure. Now, if you are doing a job one time, just get the job done however you can get it done. Fortunes are made by the margins. Every minute you can shave is another 100 bucks in the bank. The person who coined the phrase would have been some business tycoon. People aren't dumb, I'm just much smarter. The smarter I got, the more stupid I thought people were. Truth is, I'm just a whole lot smarter. My greatest strength, smart. My greatest weakness, impatient. Bad combination. They neautralize each other. From now on, if can't do it right, i don't do it. An auger would have taken a third of the time as that post hole digger. If cost is an issue, the manual tool makes the most sense. If cost is not, it makes no sense to use the manual tool. Now, if you have only one plan to use the tool in all your life, why spend the cash. Bear in mind, life runs out, time runs out, money will be around long after you lie down and never get back up.

  10. One of the two founding developers of the UNIX computer operating system, Ken Arnold, had a saying.

    "When in doubt, use brute force."

    Within programming and hacking circles, "brute forcing," is an expression which refers to a computer user performing a task completely manually, on their own, and avoiding any computer automation in the process.

    "Working smarter rather than harder," often refers to the use of automation or modern tricks and conveniences in order to be productive; but the irony is that all you are really doing is replacing physical effort with mental. If you want to make a computer do something, you have to tell it how to do it, and often that is much more difficult and time consuming than simply performing the task yourself.

  11. I enjoyed listening to your words, the way you said it, the pauses and all, it's fantastic,
    I also enjoyed watching you build that ramp, and seeing you do something and then later see why you did it, this is a video worthy of all humans to watch at some point in life, as it opens your eyes and start loving the work you do, but to not be stubborn and learn from others.

    Keep it up

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