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How to be Happy as an Entrepreneur | JabarPos Media

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I want you to think about two words. These are two words that are searched on Google regularly. One word is “money.” The other word is “happy.” Which of these two words do you think is searched more on Google, money, or happy? Here are the numbers. Money comes out with 2.5 billion results. Happy comes out with 2.86 billion results. Why? More people are thinking about how to be happy than about money.

The question is, why are there so few happy people in the world? Why are there so many bitter people who are unable to enjoy themselves?

So today, I want to explain this in a way that makes sense to you, and I’ll promise you one thing. I will guarantee you I will say a word to you in this video about happiness that you probably don’t hear; maybe you’ve never heard it linked to happiness. We’ll cover that here with you.

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  1. another great vid for the halls of fame. i love it how your vidoes allways get like a 1precent of likes to dislikes. in this case its 0.5. half a precent. 9/1800 because this videos are so clearyfing the rumble going thru the mind of an entrepanoure !!!

  2. I have have been watching your content from a couple of years now and its helping me a lot. Lately i have been following even more because im struggling in my business. Its Tough! So i often look forward to turn to Valuetainment for motivation and inspiration on how to improve myself and my business concepts. Im just thankfull and i want you to know that you are helping me becoming better and stronger by giving usefull info, thoughts and knowledge on how to rock it as an entrepreneur. Cheers fro Jesper Uglebjerg – Denmark.

  3. Thanks Pat for everything you have shown me your really a terrific leader? My theory and quarry is, about building financially stable minority groups?

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