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How I fund my watches – Should you finance? | JabarPos Media/a> – This time JabarPos.Net will discuss about Finance and all the things about finance like insurance, loan etc.

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What Is Finance? (Definition of Finance)

Finance has the meaning of financing and various activities related to money such as lending, lending, saving, making budgets and others.

There are 3 types of finance that are commonly owned by people, namely, personal finance, corporate finance and government or public finance.

Financial Example

Some examples to explain about finance can be seen from the following things.

  • Lending money to investors by issuing permits on behalf of the company.
  • Invest money in shares or other forms.
  • Lending money by giving them a mortgage to buy a house
  • Save money in high-interest savings.
  • and others

Financial Topic

There are various financial topics that are of concern to the public, invited:

  • Profit
  • Capital
  • Cash flow
  • Financial statements
  • Dividend
  • Return on capital
  • Loss
  • Return rates, and other fees

Financial Information Sources

To discuss financial issues, there are several sources of information that are popular in the community and can be used as reference material.

  • Google Finance, for example such as market data, stock prices, news and others.
  • SEC website or company submission
  • Bloomberg News that contains news about companies and industries.

Financial Career

There are several types of careers that complete finance, given:

  • Accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage
  • Investment Credit
  • Personal banking
  • Commercial loans
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance
  • Audit
  • Equity Research

Just a little ramble today on how I started a watch fund, and how I now pay for my own collection. It can be a tricky thing to navigate if your finances are tied with a partners. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you do and think in the comments. Appreciate you taking the time to watch! (PS Cartier video is dropping tomorrow)

Such are some brief explanations about How I fund my watches – Should you finance?.


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  1. Hey Bruce, wife and I have been together 25 years. We sacrificed to pay off debt until 2 years ago when we paid off house. Last two vehicles we paid cash for. Coincidencently, my watch hobby started 1.5 Years ago. My wife loves vintage diamond rings so we each get to buy something. I encourage her to spend to fund more expensive watches. With that said I would discourage folks to borrow or go into debt to fund watches. This is a great hobby at any price range. I really want a SINN 104 and will wait to have the cash set inside…..hopefully the wife will be spending around $1500 soon. Great video. Thanks.

  2. see I like hunting stuff, last year I made a few bucks flipping optics from cabelas bargain cave. probably about 25 different items. came out pretty good on it. I also am careful what I buy and make sure I buy it right. that way I recoup my money when I want something else. All this involves knowing values of stuff so I know what a good deal is and what I need to buy it for. In the book rich dad poor dad he says don't say I can't afford it. Ask how you can afford it, you are doing just that.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video with us. I started my YouTube channel to 100% fund my watch obsession. So far I got 52 subs!! Lol. The wife doesn’t let me spend $ on watches so that’s why I was thinking outside the box, glad to see I’m not the only one!

  4. I make pretty good salary, have a wife and disabled adult son. I look at the watch I want, then at the fence I need to replace, or the lawn mower I need… you can guess how that ends up! So I just watch other people buy watches!

  5. I realls don't get what you mean…
    I ALWAYS put my ROLEX steel sport stunners on the f**king creditcard like the wristwatchguru and pontiff itself Archieluxury told me…

  6. What if you're already working a 84+ hour a week regular gig? haha

    If you want the points, just pay off the credit card after the transaction posts to your account.

  7. Timeless advice! I'm single but constrain myself to a fixed number (6-7) and a maximum percentage of net worth (oddly enough 5-7%). I also got out of other hobbies like cars and entertainment to be able to spend more on watches. As Tim Mosso says, "Don't ever finance your fun."

  8. Got my Omega Aqua Terra on 0% interest as long as you spend a certain amount. I’ll wait until the next time store runs 0% interest then get either Speedmaster, or Breitling Colt.

  9. Very good advise. I use the same method for this hobby as well. Fortunately for me is my wife was 'poisoned' by me over time and is in the hobby as well. Fully agreed with u that never never buy watches on credits and if using cards, make sure u have the funds to pay off wnen the bill is due. Dont go on installments.

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