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GET YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK – How To Be Confident In a Wheelchair | JabarPos Media

Lost all confidence after the wheelchair? Matt and I teach you how to get your confidence back and win the girl of your dreams 💢👇🏻PODCAST HERE 👇🏻💢

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  1. HUGE TIP. When I first got home from rehab UTI’s was a problem I struggled with. Squeezing lemons in my water fixed everything without having to take any medication and really made a big difference. Highly recommend

  2. On point for sure.. 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾. Im a t12 complete going on 10. Got me 2 kids, a beautiful wife and a job the whole 9. This hits all points on how i go about myself daily. I stayed the course because that was who I was before but I had to adapt for sure.
    Don't get me wrong I was down on my self also but it wasnt for long. 💯.
    We even changed out eating habits changed to a whole plant base lifestyle diet and this helped alot for me.

  3. This is a grate video. When I was first injured (t-9/t-12 incomplete) One of the first people I came across on Instagram was Matt. Me being a huge car guy that was the most hurtful thing for me was not being able to drive anymore. So I would look for people in wheelchairs that had bad ass cars. I have always drove manual transmission cars so having to go to an automatic was heartbreaking to me. Then as I started gaining movement back in my body I was drawn into you by your screen name @wheels2walking. That became my only focus and goal was to walk again. When I get weak or down on myself I think of the people in wheelchairs that would KILL to be given the Second chance that I am. I thank you guys for putting yourself out there for the likes of others. For me I didn’t even know what a SCI was before I had one. I maybe walking again but there’s so much more to it then that and people are just uneducated.

  4. I love this video and agree completely! I'm a T4 complete spinal cord injury (21 years old) and had my ski accident 8 months ago. Ive pushed myself hard and faked it till I made it and now I am back at college, lving on my own, driving, and dating without getting in my head whether or not it will work. Life is almost so much better because you've gotta be more present thatn ever before! Thanks for these videos, they have helped me so much! If you can reach out to me I'd love to chat, I still have so many question since this is so new.

  5. Keep up the videos, I think you are one of the most inspiring people on the Internet. I’m about 8 1/2 years behind you in wheel chair skills and a little older than you, but you are improving my confidence one video at a time! You should be really proud how far you have come.

  6. Hey man I’m paralyzed a bullet went through my T12 and I’d really would love to know ways and things I can to make money cause I don’t have money at all and neither does my family and I’d love to be able to do the kinda stuff y’all get to do please help me tellin me things I can to start my career and life I’m only 21

  7. I have multiple sclerosis and currently have to use a wheelchair. These videos are a lifesaver. They help me look at my life differently and I know that my life is not over. I can still live confidently and have fun as well. Thank you for being a great example for those of us who must use a wheelchair.

  8. It’s far more expensive to eat fresh and healthy… in the U.K. it’s nearly impossible- had an american with me for a few months and he was so shocked by it
    Can’t believe you got that for under 10$ that’s seriously insane to me.

  9. your videos have been helping me so much i am still new to my chair recently found out my partial paralysis was due to spinal cord malformation and it has turned into full paralysis of legs and partial in left hand. your videos have helped me start to cope with being in chair and how to use it thank you so much

  10. Why does this not have a million views bud! Been listening to your podcast and heard you guys re-watch your work!
    I re – watch this one and the other gym related ones to pep me up, great work, mindset is everything! Strong body… strong mind 🙌

  11. hey man i don't have a spinal cord injury, but i have cerebral palsy and i am also quadriplegic and for 23 years i have had a confidence problem and didn't know how to overcome it…..thank you for this video, this is the most important information for anyone with a disability.

  12. The thing I absolutely love about you is what you see is what you get. You are really open and honest about your disability. I’ve seen others who say they have paralysed legs yet their family Facebook pages shows otherwise. You are the real deal and I admire you for it. An inspiration for people like me who are sci and I have someone I can genuinely admire.

  13. Just don't eat junk, that simple, huh? I have not consumed anything with flour or added sugars in it for years. I don't eat breakfast until 10, even then it's very light, drink my coffee black, only eat some variety of vegetable stew for lunch, and again almost nothing for dinner, with snacks of raw fruits or vegetables in between, which adds up to 1800-2100 calories a day. I don't eat processed meat, and only eat meat (mainly muscle, like chicken breast) at the weekends, couldn't afford to have it more frequently even if I wanted to. I have 15 inch forearms, 21 inch biceps, at the height of my vitality over a decade ago I was doing 4×12 set/rep 265 lbs warm ups for my back, 175 lbs for my pects, etc on the regular. Now, the thing is, even then I've had a belly circumference of nearly 60 inches, so I was considered morbidly obese with my ~300 pounds.

    Excuse me if I don't buy the "you get rid of all your fat with just the proper food and gym visits" rhetoric…

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