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Cleaning & Maintaining A Cast Iron Grill | JabarPos Media

This is how I clean and maintain my Craycort cast iron grate. Also shown is a tutorial of how I remove rust and re-season the grate.
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  1. Great video. I am going to order a Lodge grill which is made entirely of cast iron. Can I just oil the whole thing, or only the grates? I guess it's best to apply oil when it's hot.

  2. Ash is also super acidic, back in ye olden days they strained water through ash to pull out lye to make lye soap. You don't want ashes sitting around in your grill. If they get damp, it's a sure fire way to rust the heck out of it.

  3. I need to know how to clean mold outta my smoker? Due to my traveling for work, I was away while we recently had an enormous amount of rain. and when I got home after about 2 weeks I had a lot of mold n build up. i need tips on how to clean please.

  4. To season the grill, I would try to maintain a temperature between 300 & 350 degrees for about 1 hour. Also when you store it, store it between some cardboard or paper. When you store Cast Iron try to have it where some air can get between the pieces of cast iron. Put a  rolled up paper towel between the pieces of cast iron so air can get to each piece.

  5. I have these on two grills, a 22.5" kettle and a 14.5" Smokey Joe.  The downside to these grates is that they are Chinese cast iron.  The quality of Chinese cast is NOT up to the standards of USA-made cast iron.  For one thing, they don't season as well and they seem to rust easier and faster.  But… I still use them.  They are very expensive, so I'm not going to toss them. They just require a certain amount of effort to maintain them.

  6. I soak a cotton wash cloth and fold it in a square and grab it with tongs and wife the grills when the grill is hot right after i finish bbq. It cleans things up good. Lots of hot steam. I use a cotton washcloth or an old towel square and i soak that in oil and use it to season my grill. Has to be cotton.

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