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"Capitulation Incoming" – Here's Why $2,000 Bitcoin Is Possible | JabarPos Update

"Capitulation Incoming" – Here's Why $2,000 Bitcoin Is Possible – Welcome to the Jabar Pos. Here we provide a variety of information about technology, internet, health etc. The hope, of course, hopefully this information can provide knowledge for you. The key to understanding this article is in category "Capitulation Incoming" – Here's Why $2,000 Bitcoin Is Possible | JabarPos Update

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"Capitulation Incoming" – Here's Why $2,000 Bitcoin Is Possible | JabarPos Update

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  1. I can't believe anyone still uses Cpinbase, their fees are the highest in the market, and I don't mean credit card fees, I mean spreads and cash fees for trades. You would have to be insane to use the site, or extremely generous to faceless corporations.

  2. NO ONE knows. However, what we DO know is that a lot of people will fomo in because their greedy price target was shit.

    Let's see:
    ==> In 2018: Formed a (bearish) descending triangle with a lower level market structure (support) at around 6k. Broke down to 3k after several months of indecisiveness.
    ==> Currently: Forming a (bullish) ascending triangle with a higher level market structure (resistance) at around 4k. Will probably push to the upside at some point in Q1-Q3 2019.
    ==> With this in mind, the equilibrium should be between 5k and 6k. A channel may form between these two levels for some time before breaking out – either by some external catalyst or just the value of time, innovation and technological improvements.

    Stop being a bear in a market that has lost 85 percent of its value from ATH. This bearishness will in hindsight look rather silly.

  3. Do u know how many people will buy Bitcoin at 2K??? Believe me when i tell you that 2K bitcoin is not gonna happen!!! That will simply be a dream come true

  4. Bitcoin is in major trouble, early adopters , / whales have over bought, and they can't get rid of it, they are creating artificial runs / pumps and dumps.

    , crypto wants to eliminate fiat, well you have to change fiat to crypto then when your moon turns into a wet balloon, then you change it back to fiat, people do this in las Vegas , they take fiat buy chips, then lose chip / tokens, then they cash them in after they are gambling.

    As crypto is just like all the currencies, the Euro, Dollar, Ruble, Yuan, Paso , there are the same amount of ALT coins and tokens as there are different currencies in the world, no different.

    This fake hard drive dust is useless,

    The wheel has been invented.

    There has be more scams, coins and tokens stolen , to mention a few Mt Gox, Bitconnect, and dozen of other scams, those scams are more than all bank robberies on record.

    This is why Warren Buffett whom knows and understands can afford to make those statements from his advisers and big scale connections.

    Safe Digital wire transfers have been taken place for years, nothing new here, now maybe a little faster.

    And if there is a problem , make a few phone calls and all is safe , not ever with.crypto who do you call if you have a problem.

    Fiat will be around , forever, corruption needs to exist, heaven is not here,,, politicans and criminals which are 2 of the same, need to be corrupt.

    , this is another reason why its not going to get adopted.

  5. I think In April we are going to see a dump.A lot of Americans sell their Coins because of the tax return. In May probably we will see a pump like last year. 😉

  6. Bitcoin will never go below one dollar. It just won't happen. I mean, I'm not giving financial advice here, of course, but I'd say for sure less than a dollar for Bitcoin is definitely out of the question. There's no fundamentals there for that. There just aren't…

  7. Best strategy is just to buy some more Bitcoin every month 😀 according to your budget! if you want another hidden gem you can check out NTS (Nauticus Exchange), an upcoming exchange that will launch with 6 FIAT currencies and over 100 cryptocurrencies.

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