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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all things Cryptocurrency with Richard Heart and Paul Democritou | JabarPos Update

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all things Cryptocurrency with Richard Heart and Paul Democritou – Welcome to the Jabar Pos. Here we provide a variety of information about technology, internet, health etc. The hope, of course, hopefully this information can provide knowledge for you. The key to understanding this article is in category Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all things Cryptocurrency with Richard Heart and Paul Democritou | JabarPos Update

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all things Cryptocurrency with Richard Heart and Paul Democritou | JabarPos Update

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This interview is with Paul Democritou: Entrepreneur, sales/marketing expert, author and cancer survivor. Startup/ICO Consultant: http://youtube.com/pauldemocritou

The Crypto Factor

Richard’s Early Life
01:33 Education
05:13 Social Circle
07:45 Jobs
10:27 Professional Life (Florida)

12:03 Richard’s Intro to Bitcoin
16:03 Paul’s Intro to Bitcoin


16:55 Buying the Dips / Fake 6000 Support
18:31 Interaction Between Bitcoin and Altcoins
18:52 XRP on Coinbase
20:48 Bear Markets Destroy Exchanges
21:39 Current Market Sentiment
22:37 Trading Advice
23:17 The Kelly Criterion
24:02 The Crypto Market’s Affect on Richard
24:30 Giving Out Free Trading Advice VS Creating a New Token
26:39 Making Money VS Saving Lives
30:03 The Save Your Ass Fund

Richard’s Personal Life

00:32:22 What Drives Richard?
00:33:40 Interests Outside Bitcoin (Improving Others / Scivive)
00:35:02 Success to Richard
00:35:15 Building Quality Habits / Emotions
00:37:38 Current Project: Bitcoin HEX

00:40:30 Finding Success is Life
00:42:13 Finding Success in Crypto
00:42:21 ICOs
00:45:14 Trading
00:47:33 Getting Free Airdrops (BitcoinHEX)

00:49:01 Making Mistakes
00:52:29 Mentors VS Their Books VS Personal Development
00:56:33 Favorite Books
00:58:26 Morning Routine
01:00:11 Perception of Richard
01:01:12 Typical Day
01:02:31 Short-lived Behavior (Social Media) VS Long-lasting Behavior (BitcoinHEX)
01:05:16 Hobbies (Night Clubs, Music, Dogs, Keyboards, Video Games)

Trading and Bitcoin (1:07:07)

Current Market Sentiment (cont)
01:07:16 ICOs Are Dead
01:07:24 Capitulation OR Bull Run
01:07:55 Golden Cross
01:08:51 Capitulation
01:09:58 Characteristics (Suicide Hotlines, Trading Chat Rooms, FUD)

01:11:14 Bitcoin Maximalists Misunderstanding Altcoins
01:11:51 Speculating with BitMEX / Altcoins
01:12:42 Anonymity
01:15:23 Lightning will Help Alts Too

01:16:48 Bitcoin’s Success (Market Cap, Listings) VS Shortcomings (Adoption / Advertisement Funding)
01:20:35 Institutional Money and Advertisement Funding
01:20:58 Difficulty of Growing your BTC Stack

01:24:37 Asking Richard for Help With Goals
01:25:21 Paul’s Plug: The Crypto Factor

01:26:35 Difficulty of Growing your BTC Stack (cont)


01:31:02 Trustless Interest on BitcoinHEX
01:33:42 Using Ethereum’s Blockchain
01:36:14 EOS is NOT Trustless
01:36:57 Pumpamentals
01:37:40 Benefits of Staking
01:40:56 Pricing Power (Protections from Copycats)
01:42:41 Decentralization

Comment Section (01:44:17)

01:44:57 Ponzi Schemes VS Pyramid Schemes VS Speculative Bubbles
01:50:04 Importance of Marketing
01:51:57 Hardware VS Software Businesses
01:53:32 Regulating Public Utilities (Google, Facebook, Amazon)
01:55:33 Breaking Up Monopolies
01:57:46 Social Media Generational Shifts
01:58:43 Facebook’s Monopoly (Instagram, WhatsApp)
02:00:24 NSA
02:01:38 Cobalt / Fortran
02:02:06 BHX Inflation
02:04:24 Pumpamentals
02:07:09 BHX is Held in Smart Contract
02:08:05 Staking and Game Theory
02:11:20 Claiming
02:13:03 Anonymity
02:14:26 Magic Internet Money
02:15:39 BHX Supply
02:19:11 Ethereum Improvements
02:20:28 Gold VS Other Investments
02:22:24 Liquidity and Pumping
02:22:57 Marketability and Pumping
02:24:17 Selling Bitcoin for USD VS Assets
02:29:10 Adoption / Marketing (Tragedy of the Commons)
02:32:47 Gold VS Other Investments
02:42:01 Richard’s Jewelry / Submariner
02:42:59 Most People are Poor
02:43:40 Longing better than Shorting
02:47:11 Effect of Money on Life
02:49:24 Paul’s History with Cancer
02:55:28 Exercise and Diet
02:56:53 Relationships
03:01:53 Personal Development
03:04:53 Paul’s Shills
03:07:04 Richard’s Shills
03:10:43 Curing Aging better than Curing Cancer
03:14:44 Conclusion

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  1. 1:55:37 The same thing that applied to phone companies applies to cryptos. First it was just bitcoin. Bankers saw that if they got control of it they don't have to do anything with their original banking scheme because bitcoin wouldn't be a threat to them anymore. Plus maybe they could make some money with bitcoin (LN, Liquid etc.). So they did this with Blockstream corporation and crippled bitcoin and went on lazy as usual – no competition for them. Bitcoin used to work fast with 0-confirmations but then segwit was forced and digital signatures were removed from the transactions after which 0-conf. became impossible and with it and RBF commerce couldn't use it anymore. Then Vitalik and ethereum happened because of their laziness and boom cambrian explosion in the crypto space. Now there's plenty of fruitful competition and best coins will adapt and survive. Bitcoin will probably wither away and/or fork again when it doesn't scale on-chain and blocks get full again: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-size.html . Who the fuck is going to use BTC when it's going to be 24/7 dysfunctional like in late 2017 and early 2018? On-chain level is the foundation of BTC. It's the foundation of any crypto and if it's not solid/working then the whole upper structure will collapse.

    Then why is the gold/silver price so shit? Because their prices are decided in the Bank of England every day. Bank of England has nothing to do with England nor Great-Britain. Bank of England is just a private central bank which is located in the City of London which is a private country inside London like Vatican in Rome and Washington DC and where BIS is located in Switzerland. These little private countries have declared that they aren't under any legal laws in this world and can do what the fuck they ever want and then countries just accept and obey their enslaving debt-based currencies like dollar and euro. If gold and silver prices would be determined by supply/demand in free markets they would be way way higher now but they aren't because they are extremely manipulated.

    Money/currency is a store of working energy of the people. In this sense private central bankers are parasites who leech the energy of working people through their private parasitic currencies which lose value over time and people pay their interest profits through state controlled taxes. This why taxes are essentially theft.

  2. I have a couple questions on the concept of staking.

    1. I assume that after I stake, I cannot sell my bitcoin. Is

    this true?

    2. After I have staked, assume bitcoin goes to the moon. Can

    I reverse the stake, pay the penalty, and sell my bitcoin?

    3. Richard compares staking with a conventional CD which

    pays more interest the longer you stake. In a conventional

    CD you are lending the bank money and they pay rent. (aka interest)

    To whom are you lending your bitcoin and how is it used?

    4. Please excuse my simple questions, I'm just struggling

    to understand this. I have 1 1/4 bitcoins in 2 paper

    wallets. Must I download and install a bitcoin wallet

    and an ethernet wallet to get my bitcoin hex?

  3. Paul is an example of the countless shillers in the scene that can't see past his underwater bags. Endlessly shilling crypto with very little understanding of fundamentals or use case. Just pump pump pump. Makes me sick. Makes me want to short until these dummies are gone.

  4. Richard you are so smart, love it! Can you tell us the effect of Israeli unit 8200 and the talpiot program on crypto, now that the US is loosing its tech jobs to isreal, is the back dooring of cpus’ built by Microsoft isreal are they the reason crypto is being manipulated? Watch bb has a kill switch on YouTube

  5. Another FANTASTIC video Richard! Love, love, LOVE the long format that you are so well known for. I listen to them many times over and get something new and different each time. Thank you again, for all your research and sharing your knowledge. Can’t wait for BitcoinHex:)))) I for one, am very grateful and honored and look forward to participating.

  6. Richard do you follow Dr Rhonda Patrick? Great info on strategies for longevity. She ihas interviewed top researchers in the field including Aubrey DeGrey. Watch her video on sulforafane and her last presentation on Tim Ferris' podcast for excellent anti-aging/optimal health info. Time restricted eating, getting all your meals in within an 8 to 10 hour window and only water outside the window has worked really well for me, even without changing my diet or how much I eat.

  7. Richard, what if a hodler gets profit and sells …. but can't withdraw at once or all? where should he put the profits? Stable coins? Tether? Will Tether survive couple of more bull runs? Which stable coin is relatively better in your opinion?

  8. To whomever the other guy is, you girl is in peak child bearing years. Get her pregnant 4 times and now she has the most valuable full time job in our society; motherhood.

  9. I’m 64, and you are probably the smartest and most interesting person I’ve ever heard. What’s more amazing is that only 38,000 subscribers are tuned in. You are a rare jewel so please keep shining brightly and hopefully more will see the light. Bless you bro.

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