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Best Methods to Build Rapport – Anthony Robbins | JabarPos Media

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  1. Thanks all for your comments. I just want to clear one common misconception. Rapport is not the same as liking. If you are in rapport with someone, it does not mean he or she likes you. Rapport is a process of responsiveness. It's established by pacing and leading. Just like Tony points out here, people judge people in a matter of seconds.

    I hope this clears up for some people. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Sounds like Anthony Robbins knows his NLP. The first two things they taught me in NLP training were… 1) people respond to their models of reality not reality itself. & 2) the map is not the territory.
    But there was something the instructors hadn't considered.
    Both of those statements are of course, somewhat self evident. Every mind sees reality distorted by its own lens, and every individual perceives the world tinged with his or her individual preconceptions and filtered through their limited human senses and/or conceptual representations.
    Now, assuming both statements are true, what therefore is reality? Either it is nothing we can possibly know in the slightest and the map IS the territory because there is nothing else we can experience or respond to. At that point you are left, trapped at a dead end of reason in a quagmire of phylosophic solipsism… or the territory is quite simply… other people's models.

    Rapport is. People have an inborn ability to see the world through eachother's eyes, step into each other's shoes amd try on for themselve the paradigms held by their fellow man.

    And with that the doors of perception are again flung wide open. No longer trapped within the prison of our own out-dated models, with this we are free to explore a living breathing magical territory as incomprehensibly vast as there are people in the world. Moreover, even at its onset, with this little common sense doctrine we have at last,
    a world that makes sense, a philosophy that doesn't contradict itself and, a living breathing cosmos we can strive to unite with, at least a little bity at a time.

    It follows that the true nature of reality is nothing more than the sum total of all people's models… and the structure of the cosmos is entirely dependent on the global population and society's well being.

    It might even follow that the laws of physics are merely a shared delusion and this would also explain why the further back we read through the pages of the world's various history books, the more frequently we encounter testamonies aboujt people performing miraculous feats of magic… there were less and less people, thus the world was more simple and they all believed magic was possible.

    You didn't really think that UFO's build the pyramids did you? Those top bricks were levitated up there.

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  4. This is the first Tony Robbins video for me, and just as I expected it. I find his kind of "problem solving" in relationships is not spiritual, is not about truth, it's about manipulation, and that's exactly what this video is teaching his whole audience and others watching. I think this is a disservice to the world. In other words, this is not about truth and authenticity, connecting with people on a real level, it's about controlling and manipulating people. This is more game playing and exterior control. You will never have a true and lasting relationship with yourself or anyone else, if you go in for this kind of communication/bullshit.

  5. Yeah…Ahmed mentions judging people in a matter of seconds- Ironically, I judged Tony when he led with that "example" of someone in an American bar introducing himself as "Habib from Iraq, who's here to kill everyone". What? WHAT?! THIS is a life coach? Pushing the big lie narrative that got hundreds of Iraqis killed…AND American service people for decades for no reason? THAT'S supposed to be funny? You mean all the homegrown nutsos who've done mass shootings right here, and he chose to go racial with a country that never attacked us? What a turd. Tells you where his head is. Now we know

  6. I noticed that I have always done this automatically with kids, and it's absolutely essential for the really quiet, shy ones. And I'm sure that breathing as one works wonders for couples, I'm keen to give it a go.

    If results are based on the range of different personality types we can charm, that can be a good thing. For example, we can avoid violence….

    All in all a good video, BUT at what point do we stop being our authentic selves, and become just plain and simply manipulative?

  7. Is it good or bad acting, I am not sure? Not being negative, it does not work this, sounds you are pretending or faking. Just be yourself & genuine, it will attract “commonality.”

  8. Best Methods to Build Rapport: 1. find a vulnerable and gullible audience 2. find a vulnerable and gullible audience 3. find a vulnerable and gullible audience

  9. I just saw the title and though this is not the remedy I seek and why I have once again as I have for the past 35 years turned to him when my life is horrible I'm lost and ready to be Extreme as my nature is Full Throttle or coma when I him at the very end and Edge I'll always turned to him again which can be at times years apart and inevitably they will be three four different new sets of program I used to drive in my Taurus wagon with my personal power tapes and I can tell you the title of this posting is true I was dancing and working in bars at the time when I introduced to him broken up with girls just a wreck I learned about Rapport mirror-imaging NLP I'm literally became a freak with it this works if you implemented subtly and understand how to use it it's incredible I unfortunately used it to get women which worked wonderfully but I didn't apply to my existence as properly as I should have I'm lost now and I just thought I'd tell whoever sees this in Reid this know if you implement these properly what he's about to tell you will get you in people's good graces Beyond Your Wildest in previous ever expectations

  10. When I learned this this was the exact one the magic of Rapport I was always able to speak well and influence to a degree when I learned this I put it in to use I got jobs with zero experience I got jobs I had no business getting I was able to accomplish what is impossible seemingly this guy is fucking seriously for real

  11. This Robbins guy is nothing, but a CHARLATAN who thinks he knows it all. There is NOTHING that comes out of this BULLSHITTER's mouth that I personally do NOT know. Yet, I wonder how this CLOWN made his millions. Anyone individual with the ability to MOTIVATE others could do exactly the same. THis BULSHITTER got a lucky break charging MILLIONS per conference as well as major corporations. But the STUPIDEST the ones who follow this IMBECIL, and pay to listen to his BULLSHIT. Whether you put good habits to work or not, it is your call. That in itself will make a more productive and successful individual in every sense…PLAIN and SIMPLE!!

  12. I listened to both ads before the video, and Tony. You can do all they tell you to do, with their special, revolutionary techniques, or, go to the source. Learn Buddhism.
    You don't have to withdraw from society, chanting alone on a mountain. It's accessible now and here. And, it's free.

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