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Attacked by Hungry Ducks!! KL BIRD PARK Extravaganza! | JabarPos Media

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Attacked by Hungry Ducks!! KL BIRD PARK Extravaganza! | JabarPos Media

I planned my visit to the KL Bird Park carefully this time so that I could take part in all the activities. I was immersed in a feeding frenzy of Yellow-Billed Storks and Cattle Egrets. I fed a Great Hornbill by hand. I cheered for Popeye the parrot at the bird show in his race against the dastardly, cheating Ringo. I nearly had my fingers removed by an annoyed ostrich (my fault). And my hand was almost chewed off by hungry ducks!

You can’t ask for more than that, especially when that was just the icing on the cake. The main attraction of the Bird Park was simply the privilege of hanging out in 21.9 acres of rainforest underneath a massive canopy net with thousands of birds flying, swimming, strolling, feeding, drinking, and relaxing all around you.

I spent over seven hours at the Bird Park, and I still didn’t manage to see and do everything I wanted to. So I guess that means I could always return someday and see if Ringo is still cheating at the ring race game.

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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2 Lens
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f/1.8 Lens
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime
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All editing done with Windows Movie Maker and Windows Paint. (My poor little computer doesn’t have the power to run anything else.)
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  1. my high school is located at bukit nenas. its called st johns kuala lumpur next to a church. its more than 100 years old and the buildings are beautiful. kl tower is close to it as well. i think there are few videos of it on youtube. have a look at the videos and see if its worth visiting for you.

  2. I couldn't really see if ringo cheated cause the video wasn't clear but I find the entire show funny and entertaining. I went to the bird park many many years ago. Your video made me want to go there again if I visit KL 😊 . You see, one of my top places to go is aquaria in klcc.

  3. There was 3 horn bill in my backyard just hanging on a tree, i saw them often, they are very loud, i think they were mating when i saw them but about few month ago the local municipal government cut down the tree cuz some neighbor complaining that the tree was blocking their view and light to their kitchen! So now the horn bills are gone to some other place. :/

  4. Sorry sir,
    I had to go to penang, Malaysiy and couldn't stay in Kuala Lumpur. May be next time we will meet. I pray to GOD that May GOD show you always the right path and bring welfare in your life and keep you healthy. Respect to you from BANGLADESH.

  5. You are indeed lucky to have seen the Indian peacock displaying its worldly glory. Saw a few peacocks in a nature park at Khajuraho, India and at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, but not their glorious display. Probably not a mating season.

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