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Judul : ASUS ZenBook S13 review: A gamer’s ultraportable | JabarPos Media
Link: ASUS ZenBook S13 review: A gamer’s ultraportable | JabarPos Media

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ASUS ZenBook S13 review: A gamer’s ultraportable | JabarPos Media

It’s clear that 2019 is going to be big for gaming laptops, but ASUS’s ZenBook S13 is a sign that we’re going to see the notebook world evolve in even more ways this year. It’s a 2.5-pound laptop with one of NVIDIA’s dedicated GPUs, which absolutely trounces the integrated graphics plaguing most light notebooks. And it packs all of that power in a sleek frame with some of the thinnest screen bezels I’ve ever seen. The ZenBook S13 is close to being the laptop of my dreams, one that’s incredibly light, but that can also play some games.

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  1. 6 hours battery life for an ultraportable seems like its missing the point of what its main niche in the laptop world its supposed to be occupying….You know, being moved around a lot for long period away from a power point?…Is this the 15 or 25 watt variant? Pretty big thing not to cover in a review worth its salt…

  2. I seriously hope that this claim proves to be true. I just purchased the Asus Zenbook UX333, (with MX 150 in the smallest 13.3 form factor to date), so that I can realize my dream of ultra light gaming on the go.

    UNFORTUNATELY, the serious throttling issues of the MX150 in this small form factor makes the games practically unplayable, with constant FPS drops every 20-30 seconds. I tried everything to fix it…but no dice.

    In fact, gaming on the integrated HD provided more consistent FPS…

  3. Why t.. f .. would you call this product a GAMING laptop??? You are totally misrepresenting its position on the market. This is totally aimed at Razer Blade Stealth, Huawei Matebook 13, Acer Swift 7 or on the Apple Macbook Air 13 🙁 I don´t get you Engadget.. you are a tech magazine… Should you not know better?

  4. Um why did this whole review go on without mentioning the other laptop with the EXACT same specs that came out earlier? The Matebook X Pro has the exact same specs even down to the GPU. And the screens better. And at this point, it's even cheaper than the ASUS ZenBook S13

  5. I recently bought Asus Zenbook 14 ux433 and I've to tell this , I'm absolutely in love with this machine… I will recommend this ultrabook to anyone who wants thin bezels, good speaker and wonderful soft chicklet keyboard… 😍😊😉

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