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82. HOME DEPOT Paint on a Boat? | Learning the Lines – DIY Sailing | JabarPos Media

In this vlog we paint fair, prep, sand, and paint areas of the cabin with paint we purchased from Home Depot. It’s Rustoleum Painter’s Touch paint and primer. We have some experience using exterior grade paints on the interior of boats with success. Frankly, the environment on the interior of a boat is perfectly fine for any exterior-grade paint you’d find at your local hardware store.


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Learning the Lines is a channel about us, an average couple in our 20’s, with big dreams to be sailing the world by the time we’re in our 30’s. We’re not afraid to jump into anything, put in the work, and learn as we go. For this reason our channel is very DIY focused, with the goal to show anyone watching that a lot is possible if you’re not afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

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  1. Used Rust-Oleum topside Paint & primer for the interior painting though has a heavy smell harder than a latex paint. Have had it on the boat close to 8 months now with no problems whatsoever

  2. If you want a great Home Depot paint for marine use, I've been using Rust oleum OIL BASED metal paint. It is better than my interlux one part and 1/4 the cost. It takes two days to fully harden. I sticks great to a well prepared wood and fiberglass surface.

  3. Okay here is the trick that a lot of pros use for painting woodwork. There is a product called Floetrol it is inexpensive at Homedepot in the paint department. It gives a flow and a self leveling latex paint. Lightly sand between finishes ALWAYS or not but add this to the paint and it will do the trick. Use the contractor sponge 6 inch roller and I believe you will have a more satisfying finishes. The dry time is longer but will worth it. The problem with rushing dry time with any paint is it will gum up and form small air pockets between layers which weakens the adhesion. A little more patients in painting will give you a much better job. best of luck-s

  4. Thanks Man for another Great video….you Guys have come so far….the fairing is top notch……kudos to you…….loving the work you do….you handsome devil…….respect from Straya

  5. i dont think marine paint is any different, same on cars you go auto shop and buy same paint for triple price while you can go to any bigger ussual shop and get same paint. there is 3 layers on cars, for boats i dont think its any different even outside, prime coat when basecoat and in the end clearcoat which is transperent its the thing you buff its defence from scratches and enviroment. And all is cans easy to spray. I think same for boats 10 times bigger prices for easy things, changing toilet boom thousand bucks 😀 just because its ship. when in reality fix yourself 5 bucks. for cars to pain sometime you must go to pros just when you dont know the color or you need to match perfectly color.

  6. Nice work! Looks great. Those extra storage spaces where you added the doors are going to be really handy later on. Love the DIY stuff just as much as the adventure videos.

  7. Hi, you are doing a good job. Just a little comment. I would add a wood frame to the new wooden doors you've recently made on port and starboard. But I would not paint those frames in white. I would keep them as wood. They will cover gaps. Keep with the good work

  8. The same brand that you used has also a top coat version made for boats at pretty much the same price. "Rust-Oleum® Marine Coatings Gloss White Topside Paint – 1 qt". Locally it was less then $15 a quart from Menard's. Of course it might just be the same paint you used but different labeling. Has good reviews.

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